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    Helix AKA JiveTurkey's delicious taste of crow

    LOL. I read the first three pages before realising that. I did think briefly about the mention of version 2.5 in the OP.
  2. Cool Hand Luke

    Not much discussion of the Boss GT-1000 anymore ???

    It is fantastic for that. No analog through is true but who cares when it sounds as good as it does?
  3. Cool Hand Luke

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    What a board. And that's a lot of dough sitting there :O
  4. Cool Hand Luke

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    How do you like the Tonebender? And I assume it lives off-board, running on batteries when you use it, right? And how do you use it? Into a clean amp? I am asking because I have the same pedal but I find it a bit bright into a clean amp. It is much better going into the driven front end of my...
  5. Cool Hand Luke

    Silly things that bandmates have said....

    I once auditioned as a bass player for a band that had a load of material written and (poorly) recorded. Some of it was pretty good actually and the songs were fun to play. Unfortunately the guitarist/singer was an alcoholic and could sometimes down 8 beers (and not the thin American stuff)...
  6. Cool Hand Luke

    Why do you buy new guitars

    It's a combination of factors but mostly it is an addiction if I am completely honest. I am also totally predictable. Like when I don't have the time/opportunity to play a lot I start reading about music - and gear - and that fuels the GAS. Combine that with the cycle of when I am listening to...
  7. Cool Hand Luke

    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Probably because it takes as much CPU as a reverb and that there wouldn't be power enough to run both the Tera Echo and one of the more complex reverbs at the same time.
  8. Cool Hand Luke

    Something Something Bold Declarative (Almost Past)Honeymoon Statement on Tubes VS Digital AKA The "Magic Piece" of the Puzzle

    That's the reason I chose the GT-1000. The stompbox feature lets you share settings for the different blocks across multiple presets. Edit the amp settings in one preset and they are automatically propagated to all other presets using the same stompbox setting. That being said I am using the...
  9. Cool Hand Luke

    Benefit of Parallel Effects?

    Another cool thing is to split your path so you have the dry signal on one path and the delayed signal on the other. That way you can add interesting effects to the repeats only. That's how I create my own modulated delays in the GT-1000. The modulation effect adds chorus to the repeats. It...
  10. Cool Hand Luke

    Tell me I don’t need a Helix

    You don't need a Helix. Practice your chops instead. That's what I do when I start to get the urge. Does it work? Sometimes ;)
  11. Cool Hand Luke

    Mötley Crüe Sells Entire Recorded Catalog To BMG

    I think what we are seeing is that the record companies taking a lesson from the video streaming business. Just look at how the big movie studios are launching their own streaming platforms that you have subscribe to if you want access to their exclusive catalogs. Just like how Netflix, HBO...
  12. Cool Hand Luke

    What has allowed so many new vendors for digital modeling?

    Reeves Gabrels used the Roland VG-8ex direct to the board for the Outside tour with Bowie. We're talking 1996-1999 ish. Granted his tones were kind of non-traditional
  13. Cool Hand Luke

    Rate My GT-1000 tones!

    That sounds amazing!
  14. Cool Hand Luke

    Is there anything that challenges the HX Stomp?

    That makes no sense whatsoever. I can understand complaining if there is too little dsp to do what you want, but complaining that a unit has too much dsp power? I think that's a first. I bet if you asked all the people that has been complaining that the HX Stomp has too little power, doesn't...
  15. Cool Hand Luke

    HX guitar (ie Variax evolution)

    As many has mentioned, Roland has been doing this for more than 40 years. I am currently gigging my VG-8EX from 1998. I use it for guitar modeling, alternate tunings, pedal steel stuff, and synth sounds. Most of the amp modeling is handled by my GT-1000. Most. I have some distorted sounds where...
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