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  1. CowTipton

    MotorAve LeMans showed up today. A wicked SG variant!

    I love everything about it except the headstock. Cool guitar!
  2. CowTipton

    There is only ONE space left in the musical genius club , its between David Gilmour and Roger Waters......who gets in ?

    Gilmour for me The non-Waters PF albums and Gilmour's solo albums vs Waters' solo albums says to me that Gilmour was the bigger factor in Pink Floyd On an Island is better than anything Waters has done.
  3. CowTipton

    Favorite Rock Songs with Bass Guitar Predominant in the Mix?

    Hotel California You can probably sing the bass line right now without hearing it.
  4. CowTipton

    Who makes the best guitars for the money?

    Of the electrics I've played: Reverend PRS SE (Korea) Acoustic: Yamaha FG series
  5. CowTipton

    Large vs. Smaller Studio monitors for playing through amp sims

    I've been using 305's for several years with no issues. Plenty of bass for me. Not a huge room though. I'm probably ~4 feet away when listening on average.
  6. CowTipton

    Is Craigslist not a thing anymore?

    Check out this ad in the Chicago musical instruments section: https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/msg/d/chicago-say-chicagoland-one-more-time/7360774235.html Some people...
  7. CowTipton

    Looking for that P90 guitar

    I picked up a Gibson SG Standard P90 a few years back (2016?) Awesome guitar. I recommend it.
  8. CowTipton

    The thrill of the chase. It's a sad day that's over for me.

    I'm a home basement player at this point so no real gigging. Home setup: Guitars Relay G10 Dunlop Miniwah OCD HX Stomp with mini expression pedal and MC6 Mkii Mooer ElecLady in the loop Out to left and right FRFR or 4CM with my tube amps. That covers EVERYTHING I could ever want to this point...
  9. CowTipton

    Best acoustic for beginner who doesn't want a "beginner guitar?"

    +1 vote for a nice Yamaha, very affordable FG800 or something in that range. I ended up buying a FG720S from a local guy on Offerup. Wonderful guitar. Plays great, sounds great.
  10. CowTipton

    Any love for HSS Strats here???

    Yes, I have two HSS Strats. They've become my most played electrics.
  11. CowTipton

    Who do you consider the top guitar legend of today? How about of the future?

    Which guitarists are actually known by the general public, not by us guitar nerds? Those would be the legends. Mayer Slash EVH (RiP) Clapton Hendrix (RiP) SRV (RiP) BB King (RiP) Chuck Berry (RiP) Who else?
  12. CowTipton

    So that Megadeth bassist drama...who gets the gig now?

    Isn't he still recovering from a bad accident?
  13. CowTipton

    Gibson Guitars: Legend or Hype

    Legend They've earned it over the years with some great products.
  14. CowTipton

    Music Man pricing out of control?

    At ~$1500 the Cutlass was a tempting product. At $2500? No thx
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