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    Jazzguitar.be is off-line?

    I have a solid top and I didn't get the email. Maybe it's based on picking style?
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    "Off Minor" by Monk on Lap Steel

    I'm only hearing the fun! :phones :phones :phones
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    Coltrane "Africa" CD Solo

    Can't stop listening to that one -- literally -- gonna be late for work! Great, great stuff.
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    Jazz Blues with new Collings

    Great tone -- snap and detail, but plenty of meat, too. And your blues playing is always a treat! BTW, is that a single-coil pickup?
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    "Autmn leaves" on telecaster

    That's a good example of making a relatively simple standard really interesting. Great playing!
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    Very quick funky jazz take

    Sounded like fun! Makes me wanna fake sick and go home and play (at a much lower level musically). :rockin :phones :phones :phones
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    EVH Circles 'Unchained' Guitar Demo Video

    Not in any way a VH authority, but that sounded just about perfect to me, both tone and playing. Pls. tell us more about the amp/cab. Great vid! :phones :phones :phones
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    North Country Chill clip

    Not sure what you did with the file sharing, but the track sounds great. My only gripe is you faded the ending too soon!
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    Uffe Steen: Impressions by John Coltrane (impro only) with backing track

    This is a vid you can watch over and over -- lots of ideas and great playing!
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    A friend made a video - Jon Jacquemoud plays a Marcus Miller Tune

    That's some great playing and nice tone -- thanks for posting, and tell Jon to make more videos!
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    Burton Cummings was the Ron Burgundy of Rock n Roll

    I haven't seen the movie(s), but based on YouTube clips, my vote would go to either Neil Diamond or David Clayton-Thomas. But let's not do this. You take down the Guess Who and BTO is next. Before you know it, Led Zeppelin is Anne of Green Gables. Where does it end?
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    Ten Best Jazz Guitarists Of All Time

    Considering we've already got seven dead guys on the spaceship, this could be a great zombie movie...
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    Clapton at NOLA Jazz fest

    Yeah, the EVH style dive-bombs and tapping at the beginning of "Chooglin" seemed a little goofy, :eek: but most of the set was allright.
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    2014 Stagecoach Country Festival - My observations

    Only watched a small fraction of it, but the younger guys' bands seemed to have overly loud, heavily-overdriven guitar sounds, and I couldn't understand a word they were singing. Don't get me wrong, being an old metalhead, I have nothing against those kinds of sounds, but it seemed kinda...
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    Ever get a guitar shipped only in the case?

    Nylon string classical-style, Spain to Wisconsin in a flimsy chipboard case, with two wraps of cellophane to keep the case shut. No damage whatsoever. Wasn't my idea (the guitar or the packing method). I have often wondered if there may be some reverse psychology at work here. A package...
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