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    Have any of you learned to shred in your 30s?

    do the work. don't feel better after doing iterations for a duration that matters? Perhaps you're the one person who like every other fully functional human with the most advanced mind of any primate - receipt of skills tens of thousands of years developing the most complex gift of dexterity...
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    Does not being able to shred bother you?

    I believe some are fixated on the connotations of the term, Shred. The fundamental is gaining efficiency and control. It takes work to gain that comfort. The rub: don't let the work develop into a workout pattern that gets into your music.
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    Jacksnax: Mississippi Half-Step Grateful Dead/Garcia Style Solo Lesson

    This gives ideas for a lot of tunes that have that minor to major/minor change. One tune I have always loved is a black key's tune so he won't break off of brothers. It's a chromatic line running down and I never thought about what could lay over it. Cool video.
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    Paul Gilbert picking technique question

    A beneficial thing to do is flip your picking so you're forcing yourself out of a pattern of comfort - the starting point in alternate picking would be opposite so you have to accent with the up stroke if you typically do this with the down stroke. I've found it as a benefit anyway. Perhaps it...
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    Be Nice...

    Musical performance is my favorite thing because it's open and honest; there's only so much you can hide or fake. I love that about certain things in life. This provides a lot of satisfaction when you do dedicate work toward a musical goal and make gains that approach a level of comfort or...
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    Did anyone notice how ridiculous this Scorpions video was?

    How funny would the argument between Klaus and an over-eager hair stylist who just wants to get through doing their magic to the group for this video and there's Klaus shifting between broken english and german while he threatens to wear a hat for the shoot if this goes on any longer.
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    Cable management - whats your take?

    I like to have them in view for quick reference. I built a stand for components and a platform for a speaker in the corner of our studio out of dimensional lumber that I painted black. The 2x4's that hold the 4 corners have a bunch of spent drumsticks placed in pilot holes as hangars. I have...
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    Sustain issue only on G string

    contact points. you're already thinking it through. A string vibrating needs to have firm placement at each end. Factors - Nut slot isn't rolling off or sloppy. Bridge - someone already pointed to that being sloppy and not clean. - also is the slider in whatever bridge you have could not...
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    HH strats vs Les paul Vs SSS

    strat and lp (both standards for over a decade as my 2 main. totally different sounding guitars and that's what I wanted. I'm 3 days into a 335 and until i get into live environments (d'oh!) I won't truly know or have an opinion. I will say that the mid-focus on the 335 combined with the...
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    OK I just made a warranty claim on a broken string....

    Your projection is of a serious tone. I am all for it and predisposed to joke/laugh along the way. I said, become indignant like in an over the top way that outweighs the price which is why you place this on a thread -go for it. Fight for it. Fight me over it. goget'm!
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    OK I just made a warranty claim on a broken string....

    I love it. Become indignant about it all. The slight preposterousness of it all demands over of the edge attitude. Get a lawyer who isn't yet but is trying to become registered for your state's bar exam.
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    Go 'head... roast my guitar.

    The Rock approves!
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    Guitar Center Warning

    Sounds like an invite for the informed, not a warning for the vulnerable and that's the point; box store with presently very little/low capital doesn't have things managed correctly? Nah... couldn't be! :) This is an opportunity for informed buyers to exploit this to their advantage. Just as...
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    Have you found your own voice on guitar?

    More and more every day. for myself that's the only answer. You've found your voice voice, right? You have your own communication mannerisms, no? How'd that happen then? :) If you honestly and openly think through that for yourself; not someone else and you come to the conclusion that...
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    Sold 2020 Warmoth stratocaster neck, loaded

    This brought my strat back to life - thanks Jason!