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    PSA: Chase Tone Secret Pre Blem Sale

    Dang! That Alien Green looks killer. Temping to snag another.
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    NPD Chase Tone Secret Pre

    I just ordered one and made a PSA thread before I saw your post :-)
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    PSA: Chase Tone Secret Pre Blem Sale

    https://chasetone.com/secret-preamp/ Didn’t really need another pedal but have been considering another Secret Pre for a while since I sold my other one a few years ago. Anyway, super cool green color Secret Pre Blems for $107 shipped. Definitely a steal :-)
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    How long is the waitlist these days? Thinking about trying a Maiden and a Page Ts.
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    The Greatful Dead

    Speaking of Jerry, I’ll leave this here.
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    The Greatful Dead

    That’s the one I posted in the other thread! It’s like a combination of ‘77 tightness and magic with a little early ‘70’s rawness. You should definitely check out Skull and Roses and Ladies and Gentlemen :)
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    The Greatful Dead

    Live Dead Europe ‘72 Skull & Roses Ladies and Gentlemen One From The Vault Anything from ‘77 :)
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    The Grateful Dead was actually pretty good

    Love this one too with the extended Franklin’s Tower :phones
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    The Grateful Dead was actually pretty good

    Awesome! Can’t imagine what it was like at Barton Hall that night.
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    The Grateful Dead was actually pretty good

    I haven’t listened to as much after the late ‘70’s but man, they could definitely lay it down. Currently on a ‘77 kick. Not sure how you could listen to this and say they are noodling or rambling. One of my favorite shows by far. Crank it up or put on some headphones as the mix is great and you...
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    Best all around best Affordable Fender Telecaster pickup set

    I agree on finding a used set of ‘51 Nocasters. Great pickups. I had some Toneriders previously that were good but the Nocasters are killer clean and with gain. Also check out Bootstrap Pickups. I haven’t played any of the their Tele pickups but have a Strat set wound similar to Fender ‘54’s and...
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    Analogman Sunface club

    Hoping my unmarked 2n will ship soon! Coming up on six weeks. For anyone that received yours recently, when did you order?
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    What Pedals Have You Bought in 2021?

    BMF Ge Spot AM Bad Bob Boost w/ buffer AM Sunface 2N (waiting for shipment)
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    Subtle Fuzz Pedal That Does Not Require Guitar Volume for Cleanup

    I agree with the recommendations for the Sunface and Screwdriver. Another option is the Keeley Fuzz Head. Very versatile from boost to fuzz and has internal trim pots for treble and gain.
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