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    What kind of gear did you have when you were 23?

    Not sure about 23 but at how about at 13: PRS West St Ltd PRS Modern Eagle II Gibson Les Paul push tone Fender blues jr Roland Cube 60 Dunlop cry baby wah Analogman sunface Hermida Zendrive 2 BJFE Honey Bee DAM Sonic Titan BJFE Pine Green Compressor Analogman Bi-Chorus Hartman Flanger Dr...
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    Which guitar? Help me choose.

    2:1 in favour of.....
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    Which guitar? Help me choose.

    Ummm... PRS...........choice of 4 colours. Thorn........choice of more or less everything other than builder.
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    Which guitar? Help me choose.

    Simple decision. One or the other. Choice of PRS MEII or Thorn Artisan Master.
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    Help me find a fuzz pedal

    How does the BJF Candy Apple Fuzzcompare?
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    Distortion - Dyna Red or Hermida?

    I'd like to know too.
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    Distortion - Dyna Red or Hermida?

    I'm looking to buy a distortion pedal. Would appreciate if your thoughts on the Dyna Red and Hermida distortions. Thanks.
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    Is the most important cable the one from guitar to 1st pedal or...

    Does this mean Lyric HG patch cables or would EA patch cables such as the Monorail suffice?
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    Tim waiting list query.

    I e-mailed Paul C to get on the Tim waiting list on 28 Jan 09. No response received to date. I'd phone him except I'm probably 10 or 12 time zones away and e-mail is easier. Thanks.
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    Dumb question - How many 9v pedals can one PP2+ power?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. No. I don't think I'll be running 20 pedals at once. I did see someone post (in the pedal board thread) pictures of his PT Pro with both a PP and DC Brick so I was wondering how to figure if one PP would suffice for me. Needless to say, I have not thought...
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    Dumb question - How many 9v pedals can one PP2+ power?

    Thanks. Looks like I'll have to look at the current draw of my pedals.
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    Dumb question - How many 9v pedals can one PP2+ power?

    I have a PedalTrain Pro which could probably fit 20 pedals. PP2+ has 8 isolated outputs. Can I add two PCS-20A cables to power additional pedals or do I need an additional PP2+? Thanks.
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    Help me pick a new wah?

    I'm looking for one too. Anyone tried the Moolon Vintage Wah?
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    Hey Paul C!

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    Newbie query. OD's has anyone stacked KoT, Tim & Honey Bee?

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Most interesting.
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