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    Hiwatt DR103 build started

    Send it to me first!
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    Dry painful hands and guitar! Anyone know of a miracle cure?

    Don't forget to drink tons of water in the winter. I forced myself too when I lived on the east coast. makes a huge difference.
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    What do you play when you are asked to play something?

    I freeze up and say, I need a band around me as I don 't really play solo. Then I sweat a lot
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    Hand going numb

    this. The numbness could be caused by a pinched nerve in the elbow as well. You might benefit from some professional advice.
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    Need some help picking delay and reverb pedals

    Specular reverb v3. has 8 presets that are easy to set. Has an echo option as one of the tones it can produce which is just fantastic, plus u can plug an expression pedal in to control a parameter u like. with all that said, it has the most balanced and realistic verb to my ears.
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    Willie gave up weed?

    Correction, stem cell therapy
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    Willie gave up weed?

    I believe Willie had a lung transplant a while back, so realistically he's got lots more years to go to f thos theings up
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    Sold (One left!) Drew Goodin Free Shipping Holiday Special - 1x12 and 2x10 Cabinets

    Hey there. Do you have any 1x12" Left? I have a JTM45 style amp and want a 1x12 option.
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    An Evening with Redd Volkaert

    Yep, that's why I use a Grammatico. John is light years ahead of most other amp makers. I have seen and heard the comparisons first hand.
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    Are recent Epiphones better than comparable Gibsons?

    I bought a new epi les paul some years ago, $399, changed the pickups and controls to quality ones, $600 total investment, it has Grovers factory which Gibson does not, plays and sounds better than any of my friends expensive Les Pauls.
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    No thanks

    Thats a dude in the background! lmao
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    An Evening with Redd Volkaert

    Redd uses a custom Grammatico twin. Pure gold
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    Chick Corea, RIP

    Chick was my good friends cousin. Very sad day for music and my friend.
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    Solution to Worship Music/CCM

    Stop trying to emulate the world to be appealing and set the trends yourself! If I see anotyer skinny pants bad haircut guitar player trying to be the edge or coldplay, instead of tearing into it at some point, I may just sit and cry
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    I thought I lost Van Halen's ADKOT ... but it recently resurfaced and uhhhhmmm...

    She's the woman sounds like a 1984 tune that didn't make the album. I love it!