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Recent content by D. Robinson

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    Suhr Modern Satin Flame Consideration (Open to Alternatives)

    All, I've got a birthday coming up (ends in 0) and am looking to make a pretty significant purchase. Usually I might seek out something gently used, but given the current circumstances in the world a return policy is something valuable to me right now. I'm looking at the new Suhr Modern Satin...
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    Modelers with accurate Dumble Models?

    This thread introduced me to the Mats Nermark SSS profile pack and I'm thankful for that. The profiles sound great!
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    PSA: New Mbritt pack out for kemper. Might be best one yet.

    I think the clean Carol Ann TripR profile in this pack might be the best clean profile I've ever played. I'm all ears if anyone has any suggestions for other profiles like that one.
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    tonejunkie everything pack - 100 bucks for the next 2 hours

    yeah... I ordered a stage from GC on Friday. Worst case scenario I return it within the 45 day window.
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    tonejunkie everything pack - 100 bucks for the next 2 hours

    Just snagged it as a Helix user because... well... you never know.
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    Kiesel Delos vs. Suhr, Anderson, Carvin Bolt, etc.

    Give me about 10 weeks and I should be able to answer this question as I got in on the Delos run for the roasted neck. I have two Vaders which are wonderful guitars and actually sold a Suhr Modern satin for the second Vader build. No regrets here. Still love my Suhr Classic Pro as well, but I...
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    NGD - Insane Kiesel Vader (updated with audio!)

    Beautiful. You have another Vader too right? How is the weight? I've read that limba is on the heavier side. Sound or feel different than your other Vader?
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    Live Ready Sound Powercab IR Update

    input pad always on, various amp models and guitars going through a Carvin LM15 powered speaker at home and various PA systems for rehearsals. The only variable changing in each patch is the IR, and I've tried every LRS ir in the powercab pack. If I had just one guitar with humbuckers that was...
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    Live Ready Sound Powercab IR Update

    I'm running helix. I primarily play OH and Celestion IRs and always end up cutting the lows in the range you provided. Even with those cuts on the LRS stuff though the three low strings absolutely rattle any playback system. I've tried parametric eqs and simply reducing bass on amp models but...
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    Live Ready Sound Powercab IR Update

    Can someone who uses the LRS stuff give me some tips on how you cut / eq the lows? I have this pack and find all of the irs for every speaker very boomy. Hopefully someone can set me on the right path here.
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    Strats that don't look like strats

    I'll play. My blue Vader has 2 dimarzio area 67s and a Andy Timmons humbucker. It stands tall (but shorter) next to my Suhr classic pro. IMG_1206 by D. Robinson posted May 30, 2018 at 8:41 PM
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    OMG - New Celestion Suhr IRs!!!

    Add me to that list as well. My bass player loves the fact that I'm not clogging up the low end when I run Celestion IRs.
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    Carvin Hh2x Review.....***updated For Trem Stability**

    No hh2x experience but I've had a vader with the hipshot trem for about 7 months now. No issues to speak of really, stays in tune just as well as my Suhr Classic Pro.
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    Favorite Greenback IR and why?

    Definitely concur. Both are awesome, just different flavors.
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    Celestion Impulse Responses

    I have about 2/3 of the entire Celestion IR collection and bought the Heritage G12M today. They really outdid themselves with this speaker, fantastic tones.