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    What pedal would you use to get the sound Melvin Sparks gets here in "Spill the Wine"?

    Whatever it is, I want it. It is reminiscent of ring mod to my ear, but not quite. What it sounds like to me is the warblegarble that results when your pickups get close to the transformer in your amp (as is frequently claimed to be the cause of the cool sound on Iommi's solo on Paranoid). I...
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    Red Panda new pedal?

    oh, i hear that...but for me it's more like
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    new NUX Tape Echo NDD-7

    i'd like to know this as well, tho i remain interested in the NDD-7 because of the on-the-face adjustability.... i've decided to look past my disappointment that the looper is what it is rather then a frippertronics setup.
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    Pedal to achieve the tonality of Kid Ory's trombone...

    the answer is, was, and will always be: Maestro Fuzz-tone bonus - will cover the “Tricky Sam” Nanton & Lawrence Brown toans: :aok
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    Strictly FUZZ

    yeah, that rhubarb looks and sounds nice (maybe even a mite fuzzy), but i tend to avoid inducing anger in any rhubarb that is in close proximity to my gear :p
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    Strictly FUZZ

    that's all that matters :D
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I could be wrong, but the builder's references and the gutshot posted in the Reverb sales listing lead me to think it's based on the Mongoose (or Spitfire, which is very close circuit-wise), though the demo also posted in the listing has me heavily leaning Mongoose. Might be a nice way for me...
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    Best Chorus/Flanger two in one pedal? New Mojo Handfx Swim Team or something else?

    a lot of flangers with a manual control, which sets the core delay time which is swung by the modulation, can be adjusted into chorus territory in another approach, the Mad Professor Double Moon has a variety of different, usable chorus and delay modes....
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    New Meris LVX Modular Delay System

    the secret's in the slowdown - you have to slow it down to comprehend it, and when you do, what happens to the music? Yep - the long-fabled Instant Paulstretch Junky incoming :p
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    Name that fuzz: on Edwyn Collins - “Girl Like You”

    The B&M is very close to the Sola Sound Jumbo Tonebender (different values for a few resistors).... The Jumbo is, as you may know, itself a Big Muff variant - the first pair of clipping diodes and the post- tone circuit make-up gain stage were removed. Accordingly, some Muff variants, like...
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    EAE Hypersleep v2

    i endorse this plan :D
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    EAE Hypersleep v2

    Thanks for that! We're in the middle of a move, so I'd have to find it before I could tell you the serial number for sure, but I'm certain it wasn't from the first batch (I bought it in August 2020 direct from EAE after I stood down on the first batch). I'm leaning yes, because as much as I...
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    EAE Hypersleep v2

    Reviving this thread because I'm considering whether to send my v1 in for the mods - is there anybody out there who considered it and decided to stick with the v1 specs? johnetone, if you sent yours in and got it back, have you been happy with the results? How big a difference is it for you...
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    Looping for Guitarists: An Open Letter to FX Manufacturers

    Poly Effects (maker of Digit, Beebo and Hector) and sometime poster in this thread used to make the Poly Expressive, which is basically along the lines of what you're describing, and it was plenty affordable for what it did, but I don't know how well it sold. Anyway, it looks like it's...
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    New Chase Bliss pedal…Habit Echo Collector

    somewhere in that range, there's a sweetspot :p
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