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    What is your primary delay and what do you use it for?

    Home board: Tonal Recall rkm Away board: Disaster Transport SR Going through a phase for a while now where I use more reverb, less delay. I used to use delay as a pseudo reverb, now with all of the insane reverb pedal options out there I find myself doing the opposite.
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    Best pedal purchase 2018

    EQD Aqueduct
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    One board, one rig, for 2019

    I still have 2018 gear on my wish list so def not gonna happen for me
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    Top Product/pedal of 2018...

    Moog Grandmother Favorite pedal released in 2018 that I own: EQD Aqueduct On my list to purchase: RP Tensor, Meris Enzo, Empress Zoia (If it ever gets released!)
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    Favorite pedal from your top 5 favorite pedal companies…. go

    EQD : Aqueduct at the moment, but probably Rainbow Machine Zvex: fuzz factory Pigtronix : infinity Smallsound/bigsound : mini Ehx: pog2
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    Top 3 Pedal Companies: the poll!

    EQD Poll also needs zvex
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    Most Versatile Earthquaker Reverb

    I havent missed having one. The mix knob is there to control the wet/dry mix.. it sets real well in the mix without having an overall volume control if thats what you mean. There is actually a lot of control imo with the 4 knobs and the short/long switch. The sounds are pretty conventional...
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    Most Versatile Earthquaker Reverb

    Levitation. Can be plug and play like a holy grail type, or it can also get long and atmospheric.
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    Empress ZOIA

    Must Have this
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    5 Favorite Dirtboxes...

    Rat ssbs mini Eqd hoof reaper Zvex fuzz factory Zvex sd2in1
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