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    corgan vs cobain

    Ha! You got me there. I don't consider that to be the Pixies. Come on Pilgrim through Trompe Le Monde only!
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    Red flags with band members….what’s yours?

    ... during band practice.
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    corgan vs cobain

    I prefer Nirvana to Pumpkins, but honestly, I feel like there were so many better "alternative" bands out there. I would rather listen to the worst Pixies album over anything by either Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins put out any day of the week.
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    Murphy’s lab AMPS here!

    True. It looks exactly as I would expect it to.
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    Murphy’s lab AMPS here!

    Someone on here has a pic of a Matchless DC30 that was set between a vehicle and equipment trailer, and then forgotten about. It was dragged for the entire trip home, face down IIRC.
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    Murphy’s lab AMPS here!

    I think I can smell that Pro Reverb just by looking at the pic.
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    The perfect crunch sound?

    To me, crunch is a factor of just-beyond-breakup distortion on a tone that is very low mid heavy with a solid (not squishy) bottom end. And the mids are the differentiator in my opinion. Obviously there are a lot of amps that get there, but my favorite is the Bogner Helios 100.
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    Set list disagreements

    Original music? Do whatever you want. One of the things I love about Phish is that there is no predetermined setlist. Even the first song is discussed after they hit the stage, right before they launch into it. For cover music, I think it's smart to have an opener and have songs that cluster...
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    “Factory sealed and we won’t open it”

    What's this factory seal that we are talking about? The tape on the box?
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    Amp etiquette question: Is it appropriate to post gut shots of boutique amps?

    Dumb question maybe, but what is the point of the interior amp pic anyway? Do you guys know a lot about the components, or is it more of a cool aesthetic thing? Do people post shots of pedal interiors?
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    John Mayer Sob Rock

    There's some really good stuff here. Wild Blue and I Guess I Just Feel Like are good tracks.
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    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    "Feel A Whole Lot Better" on Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever "Do You Think I Really Care" unreleased from Some Girls
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    John Mayer Sob Rock

    That's interesting. I think The Search for Everything was way better than Continuum. Haven't had a chance to listen to Sob Rock yet.
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    Can't gig with my 20 watt head. What am I missing?

    I’m shocked how many people apparently play gigs without a PA. It’s not even about volume as much as it is about sound distribution and mix.
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    Can't gig with my 20 watt head. What am I missing?

    Answered in Post 2. Mic your amp. Know any singers that sing in a band without a mic?