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    Marshall 50th Aniversary 1w Amps

    I've got all five of the one watt amps. I love them all and they are my most appropriate amps for my condo playing. My amp collection consists of a couple Two-Rocks, Goodsell, Tone King and Vintage Sound but the one watt Marshalls are probably my favorite amps to play because I can rock them a...
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    Two-Rock Appreciation thread Lets see/hear about yours

    It's been a while since I posted a picture on a forum. Let me try again. <a href="http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/darthfederer/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_3793_zpsko7tihob.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img...
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    Two-Rock Appreciation thread Lets see/hear about yours

    It's a shame that Two-Rock isn't what it once was. I did have to send in my Studio Pro about 9-10 months ago and got great service from Mac Skinner and a guy named Eric. Not sure if either are still there. The reason for my post though is my most recent amp purchase. I bought a 22 watt Crystal...
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    marshall 1 watt pricing

    Is this really true? That sounds crazy.
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    marshall 1 watt pricing

    This thread is hysterical to read through after so many years. I guess it's hard to predict what's going to be coveted. So many naysayers on these 1-watters though. Glad those who bought them new will at least retain their purchase value.
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    Recommendations for a more versatile Marshall JCM-800

    I didn't read through the thread but I'm sure it's been mentioned. Splawn Super Sport sounds right up your alley.
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    Marshall help me decide jcm 2000 1 watt head or new era dsl 15 watt head?

    Also, the 1-watters were each dialed in based on the best example of each amp that Marshall could find. Plus, you can always find a DSL 15 somewhere. It's going to be much harder to find a jcm2000/1-watter as time goes on. Having said that, I prefer several of the other 1-watters to the jcm2000...
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    Marshall help me decide jcm 2000 1 watt head or new era dsl 15 watt head?

    I'd go for the 1-watter for home playing. I've got all the 1-watters and love them all. The jcm2000 1-watter stays clean all the way up on the clean channel. It is loud enough for home playing for sure. It is not a dirty clean. The jcm800 is single channel and doesn't have the same clean...
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    vintage sound amps 20 and 22 opinions, differences

    The shrillness in the drri is readily apparent when you a/b them. Also, the drri is slightly louder than the Vintage 22. I was also playing a '73 Princeton when demoing these amps and it was really no comparison. The mid control and dwell knobs are fantastic additions. The tremolo is way better...
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    vintage sound amps 20 and 22 opinions, differences

    I just replied in another VS amp thread. I've played the 15, 20 and 22 watt VS amps extensively over the last month. Also threw in a drri for comparison as well. I used to own a drri but sold it a couple years ago. I ended up with the Vintage 22 with a Weber California speaker. To me, the...
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    Vintage Sound Amps / Treys A's deluxe reverb?!?

    I just picked one up last week. It is awesome. I've got a fairly extensive collection to compare it to including a two-rock sp 22+, Tone King and a Goodsell Super 17. It's cleans are a little more familiar than the others. A shop down the street just became a dealer a few months back so I was...
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    Tiny low watt amp suggestions

    If you can find one, a Marshall sl5 sounds like an good fit.
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    Apartment Amp suggestions

    I've got a bunch of amps and only play in my condo. Other than my Tone King Falcon, nothing is more appropriate than my Marshall 1-watters. My condo is old and built correctly so I don't have any major noise issues with my neighbors. I rock my 1-watters at all hours of the day and night.
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    Low Watt Amp Attenuator Opinion Needed

    I wouldn't say it's overly compressed. Slightly more than the 1-watt setting maybe. You lose some of the warm richness of the clean tone and some bass in the .1 watt setting though. The overdrive sounds great in both modes. I usually run it clean on 1-watt and hit it with pedals for late night...
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