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    Overdrive that can be used to boost a dirty amp, but also as a stand-alone medium OD into a clean amp?

    Excellent suggestion that I couldn’t agree more with. I was surprised how much I love the gain between 0-3 (or 6 - 8o’clock) with volume cranked. Very versatile and exactly what the OP describes.
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    CS-3 noise and unhappy buyer

    I don’t know why...but the guy not returning the pedal in it’s box...the one you sent to him...irritates me beyond belief, lol. I’d be asking to him to mail it back. What a lame as#.
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    Concerts you wish you’d went to when you had the chance.

    Easy one for me: Allan Holdsworth. Allan performed in Vancouver many years ago and for the life of me...I can’t recall why I didn’t make the show...but it’s bummed me out ever since. RIP AH.
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    Happy Canada Day! Name your favorite Canadian Artist

    Oscar Peterson Ed Bickert Lorne Lofsky Lenny Breau Rush KD Lang Joni Mitchell Neil Young Ian Thornley Tragically Hip
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    Is band drama inevitable ?

    It’s pretty much impossible to do anything these days without catching flak or the ire of some. I found your post very comprehendible.
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    Eric Johnson Violin Tone Updates?

    Because if your “WOW”...I actually watched the video...and I concur...”WOW@ is right!!
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    worst pedal demo ever

    Thank you!
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    MAXON SD-9SH Scott Henderson Sonic Distortion

    I don’t disagree...however Maxon / Godlyke literally released promo / pr (all be-it vague and minimal) for a the SD-9SH and shared images of the pedal with Scott’s name on it. That’s a pretty big no-no unless there was some formal understanding in place. You could be right in that Scott is...
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    MAXON SD-9SH Scott Henderson Sonic Distortion

    Well this is a disappointing piece of info and not in synergy with the recent responses from Godlyke. Hmm.... For the sake of discussion...I posted this earlier....this is what was communicated to me by the distributor: "Our original plan was to have this out by the third quarter of this year...
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    $1,000,000 custom pedal board #ComeOnMan

    $1,000,000 CAD....what’s that...about $950.00 USD? #MightyCanadianDollar
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    Steve Vai equivalent in country music?

    Great mention! I’ve got it on now. The Dixie Dregs...came to mind...but this record is great example of Morse’s country inspired blend of many genres and influences.
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    You have an amp with a good OD tone; you get ONE pedal (OD, boost or other) for leads. Your pick?

    With OP stating amp OD is great...then Delay for me which can be used to fatten, faux verb and many inspiring tones for lead and everything else.
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    Please stop playing Little Wing

    I love hearing it when it’s played at a high level. Listening for the subtleties of finesse, clean execution, emotion, groove, etc. it’s a great song to know instantly that a player has **** going on. A good measuring stick. (Not that music is a competition...but for my own appreciation and...
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    I'll never sell my________pedal.

    SweetSound Ultra Vibe signed by Bob. (Twice, my request) (Swirly painted one still showing on his old website) Bob became ill, sent me a note of apology (I didn’t know he was ill) and he sadly passed away not much longer after I received the pedal. RIP Bob. Custom built PTD mini bone...