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Recent content by DaveKS

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    Gig rig Power

    If hum/buzz goes away when you roll down your vol knob it’s not your power supply but over the air interference.
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    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Not much to it... https://www.dropbox.com/s/egt7xygas2q0dua/VALVE%20REAMER-808.pdf?dl=0
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    No more physical Dunlop/MXR manuals? Download only?

    And I as printing professional can assure you there is a digital version setting on a server somewhere wether they print to paper or not. Firmware update, new features, hey let’s go reprint whole manual.... again. It’s even my job and I see no need to print paper manuals anymore. The less...
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    I’m giving away all my pedals for free

    Still running the April fools prank for all its worth I see. Heavy Cream going be so disappointed.
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    Suitable pedal for violin

    My VFE Dragon would probably be perfect light gain pedal. Being able to set freq range of lows pre-drive to violins range should keep it pure sounding without adding extra unneeded lows etc.
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    Mid boost recommendations? Skreddy, EQD...

    VFE Pinball will do exactly as you need, looks like he has some left. http://vfepedals.com/deals.html
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    I’m giving away all my pedals for free

    Hummmm. New business venture. The Pedal Walker™️®️©️. “Tired of pedals setting on shelf, staring at you with pleading eyes like puppies in a mill? Send them to the The Pedal Walkers. For about 20¢ a day our highly trained staff (me) will make sure the caps, knobs and footswitch are well...
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    I’m giving away all my pedals for free

    Wait, you don’t pass them down to younger children as they grow so they have to show up at school in the same outfit her sibling(s) wore years prior so they will chided by the cool kids and mentally scar them for life? What has this world become.
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    Can you use a VTB-1 pre into the 2i2 Scarlett

    When you use XLR on Scarlett.... “the Focusrite preamplifier stage is automatically configured for a microphone when you plug an XLR into the input, and for a line or instrument when you connect a jack plug. Set the LINE/INST switch next to the socket to INST if you are connecting a musical...
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    9v Battery Snap Cable Question

    If you use voodoo the batteries positive terminal will be connected to center pin instead of barrel, that is exactly opposite of what your boss pedal wants. They are wired completely opposite of each other in regards to the male and female snaps. But yes, leave cable with no power supply hooked...
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    9v Battery Snap Cable Question

    Your Cioks cable is to power a vintage pedal that only has a battery snap and no external power in. That battery snap goes in the battery compartment of pedal. Using it in reverse or using voodoo listed above will give you wrong polarity. Order a ENO PD-1 it’s wired correctly to do what you...
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    Santana tone/sustain

    Still my old jd10 mkII. Nothing better I’ve tried.
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    9v Battery Snap Cable Question

    That’s a RCA plug (male). So do you want to power a pedal that only has a battery snap? Or do you want to run a external battery on a pedal that has no battery compartment? Two different things and polarity is wired different between them. Be careful or you could fry your pedal.
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    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Happens here, sign up for newsletter at bottom to get emailed on them. https://lovepedalcustomeffects.myshopify.com/ Looks like this when it happens