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    Rush & Van Halen.....small world of musical coincidences.

    As a bit of a side comment....Neil and Eddie were powerhouse musicians and true originals. They both drove the bands their bands in certain directions with their monstrous influence. In in my opinion, Neil created a paradigm shift in modern rock percussion and Edward created a paradigm shift in...
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    98' EVH home 5150 studio tour

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    Ernie Ball Music Man Mariposa..?

    Of the 4 colors...which do y'all like the best?
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    Ernie Ball Music Man Mariposa..?

    Thanks for the reply. Most of the reviews I have read about this guitar are seems like most folks really love the neck. The only complain I hear about is the price. I have and Axis SS and a Silhouette Special and those are great guitars! I've always been a fan of EBMM guitars. I...
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    Ernie Ball Music Man Mariposa..?

    Curious about the Mariposa model. Who has one? Who has tried one? Any thoughts or opinions on this guitar? Thanks in advance!
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    Tom Scholz

    The one and great
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    David Allen Amps - so good...still

    Allen amps are great! If I had to chose only one amp.......
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    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    I hope this Reverb overhead bump (same goes for ebay) helps the brick and mortar, mom & pop, small businesses with more personal service thrive more.
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    Suhr Corso technical question..??

    Wow, many thanks for the explanation Jim. I didn't realize that particular pot was a wire wrapped style...makes sense. Wonderful little amp. Surprisingly loud too. Simple to use and looks cool. I like how the amp can be set very clean with the gain turned down for light touch playing, then when...
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    Suhr Corso technical question..??

    I just picked up a Suhr Corso from a seller on Reverb. This amp is a great little low watt fire breather with some excellent tones at both ends of the crunch and clean spectrum. I am a Suhr fan and this one delivers. I have never tried one of these before so my apologies that I am kind of in...
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    NGD - Lefty Gretsch Custom Shop

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    That's it...I quit

    Fantastic! I love the drum roll transition in Fool In The Rain.
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    That's it...I quit

    Now THIS is impressive!
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    Name 1 worth the hype / 1 disappointment

    Yeah - Kingsley Harlot V3 Nah - Morgan Fuzz

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