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    Separate preamp and power amp... Why?

    I don‘t disagree at all, but I have an observation along these lines. So much of what works with guitar is antithetical to high fidelity. As I’ve gone along, I’ve found it easier to get great dynamics and touch with much simpler amps. An 18 watt Marshall or tweed or brown Deluxe isn’t really...
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    OD options to tighten up amp sound, to go from hard rock to metal!

    I love a klone in this role. Mine is a Tumnus Deluxe.
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    ‘Get a Blue!’ Got a Blue. Don’t like Blue

    They do need to be broken in, but honestly I wouldn’t have gotten one for that amp anyway. My Down Brownie has the Weber 12a125s and it is a near perfect match for Fender combos from the tweed/brown era.
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    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    There is a 6g3 clone on Reverb at around $1000. That’s what I’d buy on that budget.
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    Advice sought: is a Fender Brown Deluxe good for Swing?

    Along those lines.....
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    Advice sought: is a Fender Brown Deluxe good for Swing?

    Echoing what others have said, these amps sound great at volume, and you can coax clean from them, but if clean is all you do this is not your amp. They are plenty loud enough to get over a normal drummer, but they are really barking when they do. Lots of crunch. Very open sound but you are not...
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    What’s your “why isn’t this pedal more popular?!!!” pedal?

    Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver. With humbuckers into a clean-ish blackface amp, it is classic rock heaven. With a Strat, it’s Jimi. Great pedal.
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    Did you ever get an amp that made you re-evaluate your playing?

    I’ve had good luck practicing unplugged and working on dynamics. If I can get the touch down without an amp, everything sounds better with an amp. It does require a touch sensitive amp though.
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    Does Anyone Here Play Just One Type of Guitar?

    I only play 6-strings. I seriously mostly play Les Pauls, but my favorite is my Strat. So not “just,” but mostly, and with reservations.
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    Changing speakers in a 64 Deluxe Reverb Custom (HW)

    The Weber 12F150 is amazing in these amps. I’ve had one in mine for years and it’s staying for sure.
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    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    I’d have voted Deluxe Reverb back when this was posted. I’d vote Brown Deluxe now.
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    Turn Down the Gain!!!

    Yeah, we got it.
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    Cab question - what does more $$ buy you?

    I don't look at cost so much as construction, and even that depends on what you want. I have a great Marshall 2061cx cabinet. It sounds phenomenal. Well designed enclosure, nice materials, great speakers, birch ply. Just a beauty of a cabinet. I have a Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie too. Not...
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    What is your Blues Based Rock amplifier choice ?

    Yep. And it still gets spanky cleans if you plug in a Strat.

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