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    New Mayer Album and his new gear!

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    The "Modern" Rock Sound

    I am not interested in you personally, sorry. I addressed the bands you mentioned, if you can't riff off that...
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    The "Modern" Rock Sound

    Most of those bands would be pop (modern rock) to me, except their vocals aren't good enough and they know it. So they accept their place in the food chain and try to make a living. The Shins is almost exactly like Rivers Cuomo without hooks. I like it but it is no longer modern, nor rock...
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    Honestly, is there any reason to have a Les Paul, AND an SG?

    SG has more mid focus. LP is slightly midscooped with huge low end. Both are good. Having both is better.
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    Guitar shipping

    This sounds about right conUS. Years ago it was around $30, but once gas went up it was quite a bit more ever since.
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    The "Modern" Rock Sound

    Not trying to be cryptic. If it is Katy Perry or Pink or Train or Paramore or Kelly Clarkson or Fun, or something similar, it is modern rock and makes everyone involved a nice paycheck. If it rocks amazingly hard but has a bad vocal, uh...no. Forget it. Why make it more complicated than...
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    The "Modern" Rock Sound

    **** that makes money.
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    The "Modern" Rock Sound

    CLA talks about "winning" with mixing. He is talking about being in the now, connecting with today's audience, right or wrong, no judgements beyond good or bad right now, and I think there is some validity with that. He responds emotionally and quickly to the source material. His track record...
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    Best lady voices????

    Her voice is extremely weak and tremendously autotuned, though the song isn't too bad. Let this cleanse you: MVGgGW1ZalY
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    How to let someone down easy?

    You only let somebody down easy because you are scared to tell the truth. You do it for you and not for them. Pleasant but direct confrontation is best.
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    WTF is up with Radiohead

    radiohead is old guys, so your post is ********. No kids listen to them. Maybe hipsters who convince they are still kids. They are awesome because they made and The Bends and OK Computer some decent stuff in between and In Rainbows. Those are great albums and deserve a listen and a buy IMO...
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    How do you incorporate tempo changes while using EZdrummer and garageband?

    In garageband, I have no idea. In Logic, you can make a tempo map and do whatever you want. I guess search tempo map in the garageband help or google.
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    Looking for mix/'mastering' feedback, roots rock/alt-country...

    Hey, no problem. I think you're on the right track. If you can put a high shelf eq on the whole thing maybe like 1 or 2dB starting at 1000HZ, it would shine it up a bit.
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    Looking for mix/'mastering' feedback, roots rock/alt-country...

    Nothing wrong with it as a demo. I would cut everything below 20-25HZ to make a little less boomy, if you can. (If you still have access to the multitrack, cut below at least 20 on every track, as low end builds up.) The reverb on the vocals on the second track is a bit irritating, but not...
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    How to get "fat" bass tone

    Waves CLA Bass.
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