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  1. ddbruni

    Sold Komet Koda

    PM'd I'll snag it if you still got it
  2. ddbruni

    Sold Pre wired Lollar Tweed Strat Set and Harness

    Great set of Lollar Tweeds out of my Kingbee Strat. Was planning on a build but I’m on an amp fund raising mission so her we go.... $160 pp and shipped
  3. ddbruni

    Sold $ DROP! Killer MJT/All Parts Relic Tele with Lollar & Anderson PUPS

    MJT Body with an All Parts Neck. I do not have all the specs but it is a fatter profile but not a boat or D shape. Very manageable, fills the hand and is really fun to play and a great relic job that flows well through and to the neck and the beat up logo is cool as hell too IMO. tons of...
  4. ddbruni

    Sold 3 Monkeys Orangutan Jr #3(Custom Tolex)

    Looking to trade this magnificent specimen of an amp from 3 Monkeys. This particular one has a little story with it.... this one is #3 and legend has it it was made for the g player in Soul Asylum and then made its way into the secondary market ... friend of mine picked it up and had 3 Monkeys...
  5. ddbruni

    Sold 2016 Suhr Classic Pro SSS

    Still available
  6. ddbruni

    Sold 2016 Suhr Classic Pro SSS

    Took this in trade about a year ago and planned on flipping it but it has proven to be a great guitar to have a round.... the Suhr v70s have some spank and 70’s snarl... awesome trem and just a rock solid build and playable as ever... The Ssc ii system is installed under PG but not in line ...
  7. ddbruni

    Sold King Bee Stratocaster

    Dont get me wrong the Fender CS was a superior instrument but considering i got my KB for a loaded PG i got thrown in on a trade and $700 cash i made what i feel was the prudent financial move ....That said in all honesty for $3k less the KB is about 80% the guitar the CS was in finish and is...
  8. ddbruni

    Sold King Bee Stratocaster

    If i was not holding a lake placid King Bee S this would be snapped up.... insane guitar for this money... I moved a 60 RI custom shop relic after i scored mine ...
  9. ddbruni

    Sold Fender '64 Bridge Pickup and a Lollar Imperial Neck for Telecaster!

    Will you break me up... just interested in the Lollar
  10. ddbruni

    Sold Ronin Songbird

    Need to part with this beautiful instrument to infuse some cash into the homestead. It’s been an honor and a privilege to own it the last few years. It’s really an amazing instrument. Super light and resonant with one of the best necks I’ve played, def has some “meat” to it but in all the right...
  11. ddbruni

    Sold Studio Slips Carr Mercury V Slip Cover

    I’ll take it....Pm’d
  12. ddbruni

    Sold Mule Resonator #103 W/hsc !pics Added!

    For sale is my Mule Resonator, biscuit bridge, single cone, no cutaway and no pickup in this one. Low 100’s serial no. I will get pics up in the next day or two but in the meantime it looks very similar to the link below, please message me here with an email if you want some pics emailed...
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