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    5E3 attenuator recommendations

    A 5e3 has a built in attenuator, it's the volume knob on the unused channel.
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    Which amp for Allman Bros/Southern Rock tones?

    I have a Germino Club 40, no MV. I mostly play it mostly through an old Epiphone 1/12 cab with a WGS ET-65. Sounds great! Pretty manageable with the 1/12.
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    Show off your medium sized amps!

    No photos but I have a dripedge Bassman, a Germino Club 40, and a Valve Tech Hayseed 30. Covers the 3 basic food groups.
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    1x12s can be finicky ... finding the right speaker for the right cab.

    I have an old Epiphone 1/12 semi-closed back with a 4 ohm WGS ET-65. I use it with 3 different heads. A drip-edge Bassman, a Germino Club 40 (50 watt Marshall), and a Hayseed 30 (AC30). I use an attenuator to match the ohms. This is a good versatile speaker for me, really shines with the Vox and...
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    Kirn and Whitfill players - convince me on which one to buy!

    I've never played a Whitfill. I had a killer 67 Tele that I regretted selling for years but I think my Kirn is as good as any Tele I've ever played.
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    I'm finished with combos!

    Yep! I like to use a a 2X12 but sometimes a 1X12 can tame them down a bit. But, to be clear, my combos aren't going anywhere either.
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    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    A Gold Top Les Paul that was sitting in a pawn shop window. Still never had a Lester.
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    Cool cheap amp heads

    Crates sound good and they're cheap as dirt.
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    One Package - Best of Tweed & Blackface

    Funny thing about my old Bassman. Plug it into a 2X12 with greenbacks and it's pretty dang tweedy, especially if you jump the channels. Plug it into my 1X12 with a WGS ET65 and it's sweet blackface goodness. Plug it into my 2X15 and it's a bass amp.
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    Vintage SG Question

    I think I've heard that the '64's have a bigger neck? I could be wrong. I know it's true with 335's. SG's are popular right now! Getting pricey.
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    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    Probably my '59 Bassman that I had back in the 70's. I was too dumb to use it back then. Traded it for a Deluxe Reverb that was more user friendly to me at the time. Wish I had it back.
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    Turn Down the Gain!!!

    I don't buy amps with gain knobs.