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  1. dez

    "Get That Classic Fender Sound" by Jim Weider

    I remember seeing that like a million years ago. Cool stuff!
  2. dez

    Creep: Foo Fighters and Dave Chappelle at MSG

    Not a Foo fan or much of a Radiohead fan, but I loved every second of this.
  3. dez

    Who are the Bands you got to see live when they were in their absolute prime and at the top of their game ?

    Stevie Ray Vaughan - the entire 80s Black Flag - 84 - 85 Iron Maiden - 82 - 84 Junior Brown - any time Accept - 84 REM 85 - 87
  4. dez


    Still my favorite, and one of the great examples of brilliant and emotional guitar playing.
  5. dez

    David Gilmour's About Face

    Not a PF fan but love About Face. Great record.
  6. dez


    Haven't listened to Cocaine in a million years. Although it's a fun song to jam on, I cant remember anything really noteworthy about the solos on the original version. When EC did memorable solos, they were usually really memorable (Crossroads, Sunshine, Steppin Out, etc, etc...).
  7. dez

    What did you do with all your CD's?

    Listen to them
  8. dez

    If You Had to Listen to One Decade of Music the Rest of Your Life...

    50s. Would go with 60s next, then 70s. Then, begrudgingly the 80s last. At least SRV came out and Motorhead release some great stuff. 90's - now could be completely erased and I wouldnt miss anything.
  9. dez

    Any artists, where you love one of their albums but none of their others?

    Vic Vergat - Down to the Bone - Great song -
  10. dez

    Let's talk "backup" gear

    I usually bring one guitar, one small tube amp, a delay and OD into a gig. In the car are all sorts of parts, tubes and stuff. Also a small solid state amp for a back up, a cheap guitar for backup and a couple cheap back up pedals. In the past 20 years/thousand or so gig, I've used the...
  11. dez

    Favourite Outros?

  12. dez

    Top 5 Blues Albums

    Live at the Regal - BB Classic Cobra Recording - Otis Sweet Tea - Buddy Livewire/Blues Power - Albert Texas Flood - SRV
  13. dez

    Show Me Your 1st Album Covers

    Yes, we were from northern NJ and played in the area including NYC. CBGB was a regular gig. Well as regular as can be for a band that had a couple year lifespan in 1984-85.
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