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    What's the loudest concert you've been to?

    Not so much loud as it was internal organ re-arranging was Bootsy's Rubber Band in a San Francisco night club. Waves of sub harmonics making me feel queasy. Standing next to me at the bar was who I later learned was Buckethead (minus the mask). Bootsy seamed to be looking in my direction when he...
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    Does this Exist: Fuzz / Octave Double Pedal?

    IIRC The Colorsound Octivider did this.
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    Favorite Big Muff Version?

    I voted for the Civil War version as well. I love it's woolly bass and grenade-like gain when pushing a 4x12 cabinet. Maybe many folks haven't heard a real one and that's why the #'s are low. The PCB in mine is one number lower than the one on Kitrae's website.
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    Trussart Owners & Players

    I have an older Steelcaster with a Koa neck that plays superbly and I couldn't be happier with a guitar. I've tended to prefer Maple necks on my bolt-on type guitars. But Koa seemingly has both qualities of Maple and Mahogany combined. IMHO. My Trussart is from when he lived in France and...
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    Curious about Glen Burton guitar

    I got a Glen Burton solid body with a figured Maple top in trade and am curious about it's value. It has an original Floyd Rose bridge, two Hum Bux, and a Single coil in the middle. It appears to be circa late Eighties with it's angular headstock and sharkfin inlays. Strictly for the Hair...
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    High gain distortion pedal-who's the best?

    Toneczar Openhaus is my high gain choice. It tends to do this-
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    trick to soldering patch cables with braided shield?

    What works for me is to gently enlarge an area of the braid an inch or so from the end to create a spread out hole to drag the center conductor through (with it's insulation intact). Grasping the end of the still braided shield I tug it so it collapses like "Chinese Finger Cuffs". I can make...
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    Show Us Your Pedalboard (#24)

    @etimaila That's a beautiful pedal board you've got. I especially dig the slotted slits that disguise cable routing. Interesting and useful pedal choices. I don' t recognize the Isoboost device. Is it perhaps a clean boost? Does your pedal board require two of you to move it or is it...
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    Single Knob Dirt Boxes - Your Faves?

    :agreeYeah buddy! The Speaker Communutor [sorry- I made a grammatical error.]:p That one knob is fabulous how it makes one's speakers cringe and shudder along with the unsuspecting attendees.:omg I prefer this model over the newer Blue boxed model an associate brought over. It punishes a bit...
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    Speaker Wiring Question

    You bet Podnuh! That lamp cord you salvaged will do nicely, just "tin" the leads prior to wiring the jack. All that entails is heating the stripped, wire ends hot enough to flow the solder & wet them thoroughly with shiny, molten solder and still see the form of the twisted copper wire that was...
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    Show Us Your Pedalboard (#22)

    mmolteratx, How were you able to get those D*A*M pedals in a matching color? That board do rock man!
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    Pancake Patch Cables

    Damn them OCS peoples. I can buy 4 plugs for $3 each or 20 plugs for a buck each! If I needed a train load they'd be pennies on the dollar. Aren't Gepco cables the ones with molded plugs? Your talking about cable on a spool right? Thanks for the tip jnepo1! I too prefer a soldered cable having...
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    ive found an unlimited supply of vintage tubes!

    darrenrahilly, Nice score with the ECC83s and all. No one mentioned the 2A3 as a valuable tube. At least to the Hi-Fi community. Or those "tennis ball" tubes Westinghouse made. Amazingly valuable to the right buyer. Like a $1K each or more. I've been fortunate enough to get some really good...
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    Wiping down strings, and spraying things on them

    ^Yurp! The sock is pretty handy for wiping 'em down. I'm a savage perspirer. Always wrecked the strings longevity until I became more dilligent about sopping up my sweat. I don't care for a slippery string or fretboard/neck. I thankfully haven't owned a neck whose finish felt sticky. YMMV-I'm...