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    The Jackson & Charvel club!

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    1970's Walnut 335's....let's talk about them.

    I’ve had a ‘72 (my birth year) 335 since ‘96 or so. Found it at a guitar show. None of the original parts were on it. Pups, tuners, knobs, pickguard and it had already been converted to a stop tail. I hunted down all the right parts and put Seth Lovers in it. It’s a great guitar. There was...
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    Anyone using an FRFR speaker and amp modeller onstage in a rock band with acoustic drums and backline? How does it compare to a real amp?

    This If I had to play a dive bar gig with no PA, I’d put my EV ELX200 10P on a pole, chest high behind me and blast faces. Let the audience figure it out.
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    Are SGs just an inherently bad design?

    Yes. Bad design. SG stands for ‘Sour G’ I had 4 and they all were unstable.
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    NGD- Charvel Super Stock & Paint Removal Question

    I airbrushed a CAR Fender Mustang silver once, using acrylic. I used acrylic thinner to remove it and it never messed up the nitro underneath. It was hazy but buffed out fine. I’d shop for acrylic thinner before anything else. Or Ronsol/Zippo lighter fluid. Do not use acetone, it’ll take it...
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    Birth year guitars

    My ‘72 335. Got it for 1k back in 97.
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    Floyd Rose users - a question about play in the tremolo bar

    The regular push in arm from Floyd Rose was a great upgrade to the threaded collar
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    Loopists - how do you record for an album?

    A DAW is a looper, and what is a song but a collection of loops? You sound like the perfect Ableton candidate. Look at some demos. Session view and clip slots is nothing but a graphic way of loop launching. I ‘perform’ my songs by launching my loops in a specific order.
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    What's your favorite HSS guitar?

    Not dumb, it’s just personal preference. Charvels with pick guards like a traditional Strats are called SoCals.
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    What Hss superstrat?

    Yeah a Jag is a totally different animal. It’s a 24” scale for one, short scale. Strats (Charvels) are 25.5”. It’s a big difference. I’ve had three Strats in the past, including a HSS. Never bonded with them. But the Charvel I clicked with immediately. It’s the neck I guess. Good luck.
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    What Hss superstrat?

    Just get the pink one. I have a LP, 335, Tele and Jag. All American. The MIM Charvels are amazing. I’m not a shredder either, but it scratched an itch I had and definitely got me out of a rut. I’m not bored anymore, lol. You wouldn’t regret it.
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    What's your favorite HSS guitar?

    There’s plenty of HSS 2pt Charvels out there. I came close to getting the pink HSS 2pt just like mine, but I wanted a Floyd. It was my first Floyd guitar and I don’t know why I waited so long. You’ll find HSS 2pt Charvels with roasted maple, but ebony is rare.
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