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Recent content by dirtyfunkg

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    Line6 Helix

    My go-to for cleans only has been the WhoWatt 100. I agree, I haven't ever really found the cleans I was looking for out of the Fender models. The prototypical clean tone I for with a Strat is akin to Frusciante's BSSM and Mothers Milk clean sounds... the standard demo song I'll play through is...
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    Helix 3.0?

    HEY I resemble that remark!
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    Helix 3.0?

    I work in IT. I don't have a sense of humor. That enhancement hasn't been prioritized into a sprint yet.
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    Helix 3.0?

    My guess is that the iOS product team at Apple is alone significantly larger than the entire crew working for YGG, let alone the Helix product team. Also, bug reporting for iOS (or Android) is a lot easier because they already have logging software, so when you report a bug, a lot of the repro...
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    Helix 3.0?

    LOL Agile is so loaded. I've yet to see it done "right," and maybe that's okay. But I don't think Agile has done anything to hurt the quality of bug reports and such. A good Product Owner or BA can work with specific users to observe a bug and turn it into an actionable work item in the...
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    Helix 3.0?

    Were I in Line 6/Frank's shoes, I would not have an open beta. Kemper has the benefit of a) higher "power" user to novice ratio, and b) a drastically lower user count. Generally speaking, a smaller, much more targeted user group makes a public beta more viable. A Helix public beta would...
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    Help me pick out a gift

    Thank you all. I'll see if I can't head to GC or some other shop and demo a Pod Go to see how easy it is to use. Will also see if I can't find a way to demo the Iridium, but I think an audio interface would be a nice tough (which the Pod Go has).
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    Help me pick out a gift

    My cousin's 45th birthday is coming up. He's a fire department paramedic so does the 24 hour shift thing and has a lot of time at the fire house. When at home, he has a messed up sleep schedule, so playing guitar when his wife is asleep has marital implications. He's also an adamant tech...
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    The next big thing from Line 6

    I think the use case(s) are really important to determine the best path. How would you intend to use the new product? What gap(s) do you intend for it to fill?
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    Your #1 couch rig.

    Gosh, all of you and your tan pants. Do it right. Unplugged, or through Big Smokey. https://smokeyamps.com/
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    If you were to ask the fine folks at Line6 for a new amp model - what would it be?

    I find the Cartographer gets close to accomplishing what you're looking for. Very volume-knob responsive.
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    If you were to ask the fine folks at Line6 for a new amp model - what would it be?

    Mesa Rectifier settings (spongy/bold, vintage/modern, silicon/tube, and ideally EL34/6L6). Mesa Mark IIC+ Fryette Pittbull Orange and Red Channels Fryette GP/DI or Deliverance Diezel VH4 3rd Channel Marshall Major Marshall Jubilee Configurable Marshall 1987/1959, like a "JMP through the years"...
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    Recommendations for JCM800-like amp?

    I had a 1977 2203 for a while that I sold a couple years ago, and about 15 years ago had a 1983 4210 for a while. I hated the 4210, though the "clean" channel actually cranked pretty nice. The 2203 was alright, but not really my favorite. I've played some great JCM-800's though in stores which...
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    Line6: Did you plan that little pocket on the Helix Backpack?

    LMFAO! It's funny, 'cause it's true!
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    How come the metal community has always been ahead in the tech realm?

    Well... Metal bands Tend to be making a lot less money, so less money available to transport amps (smaller vehicle needs and lower fuel costs) More prone to muddiness which can be rectified by lower stage volume More likely to play to a click track with in-ear monitors You can't really get by...