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    What device for voltage?

    What’s the best devise that will let me set a voltage say 117 or 120 and have it be decreased or increased to that voltage constantly?
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    Would you buy a USA Jackson Master Build for 4K?

    You either buy a slice in time, or pay to have someone tell you about that time.
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    What is the philosophy regarding acoustic string gauges?

    It ALL depends on how your going to play the guitar first, and the specific guitar second. Are you strumming, chunking, playing arpeggios, playing single line leads with lots of bend or not and - most important; will you play primarily straight acoustic or will it be amplified and, if yes, how...
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    FS Sommatone OD 35 1x12 SOLD

    Looking forward to this one, Wes!
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    What is a considerate dB level for playing in an apartment?

    Knock, knock… “Hi, I’m Salmon, I’m in unit A. I’m getting the sense that my practice is keeping you awake, do you work nights? I really don’t mean to be a nuisance but I only get an hour a day that I can use for practice. 4 is really my best time. I assumed people would be at work then. Can we...
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    Lifeson on PRS

    I think his tone was best, when the music was best. Which was prior to Signals. Coincidence? I think he would have sounded great on a B.C. Rich in those days. Of course, B.C. Rich was high quality instrument back in that day.
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    Best website builder for a pro musician?

    Nice. This is basically what I’m talking about. Any other good suggestions?
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    Best website builder for a pro musician?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this. I’m hoping I’ll get input here. My son is graduating from University if Illinois - Champaign with his MM this year. He needs a website. Sound files, photos, calendar, static info, email list, etc… Is there anything ubiquitous that would serve as a starting...
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