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    Great sounding high gain pedals for metal

    One nobody has mentioned, but it is inexpensive and sounds awesome is the Biyang Metal End. $70. Convinced me to sell / trade both my PisDIYawot and my MXR Fullbore.
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    Do Gig Bags for Pedalboards Cause the Settings to Change?

    I've got the hard case, and when you factor in the extra guitar cables, AC power strip and extension cords, etc... You can still have some knobs drift around a bit from items moving around...
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    Tool fans: Aenima or Lateralus?

    > Ænima. Definitely Ænima. For certain. followed by Undertow, then 10,000 Days, then Lateralus. I love them all, but yeah, Ænima rocked me then and rocks me now like no other.
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    Boss Line Selector, yea or nay?

    This is correct as I recall. It also allow you to boost or cut Loop A or Loop B or both. It's a damn cool tool to have in the tool kit. I'm not currently using mine, but I'll hang on to it - allows for some great routing options.
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    Any love for Boss RV3?

    Yeah, that seems to be most everybody's reaction. The RV5 just isnt the same...
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    The most hipster guitar rig

    I was thinking that Gibson Sonex into a Silvertone 2x12 amp... with a floor full of Line6 pedals or a big POD floor unit... :-)
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    Cheapest pedal available for looping?

    The Headrush2 is a great looper and also does delay and tape echo style stuff. I hated the RC-2 with a passion, ditched it, got the Headrush2, love it...
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    RAT with more control over top end?

    I hear ya. I've got an early small box Rat that I love, but wish it had a real tone stack instead of the filter control... I almost always want just a little less bright/treble than the filter sweep will give me. I did recently get a Artec parametric EQ, so I may give that a try... just wish I...
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    Modern Hard Rock Type Distortion

    +1 I was just about to post this same thought - while I have used some high gain pedals with my baritones (Emma Pisdiyawot, MXR Fullbore, Biyang Metal End), it requires some creative use of the EQ controls. These days I reserve the high gain pedals for regular six strings, and just use a good...
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    One more time: Emergency Backup Rig !

    ditto on the above, too much gear gathering dust. I have at least two nearly identical amp/speaker rigs plus other amps/speakers that could do the job. Also have several similar enough pedals that I could lash up a substitute board in about ten minutes that no one but me would notice the...
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    Best little known or sleeper pedal you have come across

    The Biyang 'Metal End' high gain distortion. Big big bang for the buck. I think it cost me $78 shipped brand new, and kicked a $250 Danish boutique pedal off my working board. A zillion tone shaping hi/lo/mid cut switches, vintage/modern settings, and a four band (treble, mid cut/boost...
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    What is the single best distortion or drive you've played?

    This ^^^ I dont always use it, but it covers more useful territory in unknown situations than most anything else I've owned. Not to mention it's outlasted most of the guitars and amps I had thru the years. I know in general terms, I could show up with my guitar and the RAT and come up with a...
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    Advice on A/B'ing 2 amps with the same cabinet

    Proceed with Extreme Caution. Do Not try using a passive A/B switch between the heads and the cab - that is a guaranteed trip to the amp tech for expensive surgery. You need one of the various active load switch boxes that always maintains a constant load equal to having your cab connected at...
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    Chorus with bells and whistles?

    That MythFX Triton looks and sounds *bad ass*. Serious GAS incoming...