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    NPD: PastFx Chorus Ensemble Deluxe

    I set the preamp high, true bypass when not using chorus so I don't have the preamp running all the time.
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    NPD: PastFx Chorus Ensemble Deluxe

    Best CE-1 on the market IMO. I use that exclusively along with an old CE-2, really don't need anything else (except an old DC-2 from time to time).
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    *NAD* DR.Dan/Tramble VH1 Plexi**Clip 15**

    Damn that sounds great!
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    I saw Judas Priest tonight.

    I wish Rob would shave the beard.
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    EP101, EP-Pre, or Secret Preamp?

    Used the Chase Tone a bunch last night on the brightest setting, Tele straight in, nothing else, very cool...
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    EP101, EP-Pre, or Secret Preamp?

    I think I've owned every single EP-3 preamp pedal at least once and none of them were like a real EP-3 preamp. If there is a new one on the horizon, I'll be sure to try it as well. I also had the DTS SDD-3K Preamp Pedal, one of the first ones that came with a limited edition Edge DTS SDD-3K...
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    Who are "the cabinet guys" these days? (Stateside)

    Peter is a nice man.
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    Led Zep - "When the Levee Breaks" deep dive

    I remember trying to play “Midnight Moonlight” back when I had no clue about alternate tunings. Same with “Start Me Up”. Now I’m the best…
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    Sold Matched Quad Winged C EL34 NOS

    Matched Quad Winged C EL34 NOS, bought new about 10 years ago, never used. SOLD
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    Bill Landry does it again…. New Lexi Model

    He seems like a nice man.
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