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    Playing in bands as you get to your 40s and up.

    56 here. The reason nobody wants to do originals and record is because nobody wants to hear original music by a bunch of old folks no matter how good it may or may not be. That and you're spot on about being frozen in time. They also don't want "new old" music, unless of course it's done by...
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    Is PRS going to release the greatest Tele ever?

    I love Tele's but it's not for the aesthetics, it's one of the ugliest guitars ever made, with the ugliest headstock of all the classics. The only headstocks uglier are the Dean "Meatfork" and the BC Rich Warbeast... IMO of course.
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    10 inch PA speaker for a modeller?

    10" works great for me. I have a JBL610 and an Alto whatever it's called. Both work well, the Alto is a bit bassier which I kind of like but I'm sure the JBL is a more accurate representation. If they weren't so expensive I'd get a QSC but it's hard to justify when I'm happy with the others...
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    Any Mockingbird fans?

    LOVE that song!!!!!!!!!!
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    Is PRS going to release the greatest Tele ever?

    I love how every other guitar company on the planet can introduce their versions of the classics but when PRS does it they're the antichrist... Haters gonna hate.
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    Best Chorus Pedals for that 80's Lead Sound

    Beat me to it. The Stomp is loaded with those and so much more. In my opinion it's a must have if you want to add a TON of versatility to your board. I use the Helix floor which I bought because I started with the Stomp and loved it so much I went to the floor unit. I can't bring myself to get...
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    How long til you pay off current gear?

    Spelling ghetto incorrectly is even more ghetto...
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    How long til you pay off current gear?

    No balances currently and I don't finance with interest but I'll take advantage of 0% interest all day long. That being said, I'm not going out and buying PRS Private stocks on a payment plan, interest or not. Actually I'm not buying them at all. A man must know his limitations...
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    Egnater amps. Still a thing?

    I've owned a Tweaker 15, and currently own a Renegade 65 1x12, love both. The Tweaker was a fun little amp with great tones, just wish it had reverb. The Renegade is a great all around amp, very versatile. If the Renegade had the multiple selectable tone stacks like the Tweaker it would be...
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    Amps that go from no volume - too loud for home use with the least turn of volume knob ?

    A lot of these amps like the HRD, my old Supersonic, etc. can be modded by changing the value of the volume pot. I did it to my Supersonic and it made a huge difference. Just Google "volume mod" or "volume pot mod" for the amp in question. You may get lucky.
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    Which Guitar Solo of the late 1980s Did You Really Think Was Cool?

    Everything Vito Bratta ever did...
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    Graphical interface for HX Edit

    I love the current layout, virtual knobs are idiotic at best.
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    Tom Morello Talks Sticking With The Same Gear All These Years

    Very interesting philosophy that's clearly worked out well for him. He also made me think about the inspiration we get from different gear though. I know different guitars inspire me to play differently. Amps as well to a lesser extent. In my opinion while his philosophy was crucial to his...
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    Helix: Please model The Greg amp from Koch

    I know this is an old thread but did anyone have any luck replicating "The Greg" on the Helix? I played around with the Bassman 0 bass, 10 mid, 0 treble, 10 presence settings and it's cool but it's not quite there. That Koch amp has defifinitely got something special going on.
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