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    Floyd Fans: What is your favorite Gilmour?

    My favorite is “Sorrow.” It literally changed the way I played guitar. The live version from “Pulse” is phenomenal. He goes rips away. I can’t get enough of Pink Floyd. l’m looking forward the the October 15th Delicate Sound of Thunder movie in 4K. I hope it shows somewhere near me. Peace to...
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    Jorge Santana dies at 68

    Rest In Peace Jorge. I truly enjoyed the first Malo album and his playing. He was a very nice man.
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    NGD: 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

    Good looking Strat. Those Fat 50s sound nice. Enjoy your new guitar.
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    That is a beautiful guitar my friend.
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    Video in defence of small amps

    Really cool. Stay safe everybody.
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    Shiva & Budda ~ direct recording clips

    Both tracks sounded great. Take care
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    What are your (3) favorite Neil Young songs from anytime in history?

    Only love can break your heart, Like a Hurricane, Down by the River.
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    What's the biggest show you ever had tickets for, and didn't attend?

    I don’t remember if I posted this. My friends and I had tickets to see Jimi Hendrix. We didn’t get to see him because he passed away. RIP.
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    Favorite drummers besides Bonham, Peart and Moon?

    Michael Shrieve Todd Suchermen Jeff Pocaro John Bonham
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    Best vintage Strat alternatives?

    I agree with Mr. Princetone. Fender AVRI Hot Rod Strat.
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    The legendary guitar you'd most like to play

    The Black One, I’d measure those pickups. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and your families. Travel safely in the bad weather.
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    I remember when...

    I remember when I asked for and got an autograph from the guitar player in a band named The MCCoys. He was really good.
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    NGD: Suhr Custom Classic Hardtail

    Beautiful guitar. The paint color is stunning. Play it in good health.
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    Share Your Clean Music Rooms / Studios!

    Howthewestwas1, that stereo cabinet is beautiful. Your room and guitars look great.
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    Anybody else see a bunch of chinese posts all over The Gear Page?

    Wait an hour and you will see some more.

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