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  1. Drewboy

    Peavey CS500 Amps... What do you know about them?

    If going that route, go class D. I use a Crown XLS 1502 for my bass rig. I run it stereo on my two 10” cab for smaller gigs, and use it bridged for the refrigerator amped eight 10” cab for bigger venues. A lot lighter as well.
  2. Drewboy

    Bands first gig. Any tips?

    Don’t practice in between tunes. Play like you mean it and love it.
  3. Drewboy

    Dean DeLeo & Tom Bukovac - Trip The Witch album out today

    Very cool. Been listening on Spotify. Two very legit players.
  4. Drewboy

    LIVE vocals so good it is outrageous

    Best live concert I have ever witnessed was Heart
  5. Drewboy

    Stone Temple Pilots live in 1997

    Said this in another thread a while back. But this is how a drummer drives the bus and controls time boys and girls. Fantastic playing by all.
  6. Drewboy

    Old PA rigs. Remember hauling these?

    Had the big Peavey SP-3’s we bought from a pawn shop. They were loud and worked every time. We were teenagers and just wanted big speakers. Got us through the shows to save and keep upgrading as we went.
  7. Drewboy

    Sebastian Bach was awesome but............

    Great band. One of the best live performances ever is when they played Monkey Business on SNL. It had it all. Showed my sons just the other day. Check that out !
  8. Drewboy

    Another Alex Lifeson Question

    Hours in my mind. He did and has it.
  9. Drewboy

    Peavey Bandit Red Stripe or Grey Stripe?

    Red for you. It’ll do the job you asked of it.
  10. Drewboy

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    I played a Bat Cat. And Chaw! Stratocastic toanses
  11. Drewboy

    Talk to me about Paiste

    I remember my older brother buying his first drum kit that was an old Rogers set with mixed cymbals. That 18” Paiste colorsound black crash is still one of the best I heard. I seen they reissued them a few years ago. Would def get it I was a working drummer.
  12. Drewboy

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    If. Only brothers can do that type of ****. Legend.
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