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    Help a guy find the amp of his life

    If you ARE considering something with a bit more power...I can recommend something. I play strat/tele/335/Les Paul through a Victoria 50212 that has the lush full cleans you may be looking for. Based on a tweed circuit it has the mids that you probably liked in the tweed deluxe. Also I find the...
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    Help with blown fuse in Tone King amp

    +2 Contact Tone King's Mark Bartell. I have done so a couple of times and he is quick to reply.
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    The Best Vintage Amp You Have Ever Owned

    My favourite with tele, strat, 335, or LP!
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    What's the smallest, best sounding amp you've ever owned?

    The under-rated Fender Champ II but through a 2x10 or 1x12 cab. Beautiful cleans. Also love the Fendery cleans , to my ear, in my Carr Mercury ..with EL34!!!
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    Anyone else here LOVE the Jensen Alnico RI's?

    I was testing quite a few 10" spkrs thru my 4x10 cab, hooked up in pairs.....and guess what clean tones I like best with my Fender amps? Yup....Jensen P10R's.
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    Tone King players...speaker swap?

    I have owned my Comet 40a since 2003....still my favourite amp. Period. I did find it overly bright for my taste too, so had the "bright cap" replaced with one of half the orig. value...as per a suggestion from a fellow GPer, (thanks Jon S.!). Had a non-invasive toggle switch mounted on the...
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    Brazilian R7...to change or not to change?

    I did buy it new on it's own merits....plays great, huge vibe, even acoustic tone, and lots of acoustic resonance. Found out later it is a confirmed Braz fingerboard! What luck! But it did make me wonder about changing things on it. Pickups (RS Fralin True 60's) and their upgrade pots/caps...
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    Brazilian R7...to change or not to change?

    Hey all! Just wondering what all you guys think about taking a stock Gibson Historic 2003 R7 Brazilian and adding an RS Kit and a set of paf clones to it. Am I nuts for fooling with something that is considered "desirable and collectable"?? I bought this thing to play so I would hate to have...
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    Need to Know About Fender Custom Shop '54 Reissue Strats

    No COA to go by. The serial number on the neck plate has R8388. The "Fender Custom Shop" logo on the back of the headstock is in black ink rather than embossed. The maple fingerboard has the fake weak patterns that I have seen on the new '56 Relics. It does look like mostly relic'ing rather than...
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    Need to Know About Fender Custom Shop '54 Reissue Strats

    Can anyone tell me about these. I can't seem to find any info on them. I think they were late 80's to mid 90's Custom Shop editions with Custom Shop 50's pickups. The one I have is super-relic'd (I am told). Has a real woody tone and feels great...like a real worn in '54 would. Were these...
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    Help Me Sort Out these cabs!

    Tonight I was trying to find a good cab to run my Fender Champ II through. It has a Weber F150 in it and sound alright on it's own with a tele and a vintage Ibanez GB10 jazz box. I tried it through a 2x10 with Jensen P10r/C10r speaker combination and it sounded much better. Fuller, sweeter, more...
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    Antiquities or Seth Lovers better for an LP or 335?

    Antiquities are currently my favourite PAF clone. I have a set in an R9 Les Paul. However, someone I know who has tried several sets of antiquities noticed that they are all a little different...some sets he didnt like. Bottom line, try them to see.
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    Greco Zemaitis?

    Recently, I heard Don Felder play a metal front Les Paul at one of his charity concerts and was blown away by the different tone. I lust after one myself and have been impressed by the build quaility, playability, and tone of these Greco-Zemaitis guitars.