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    Richard Leigh Songwriter's Festival, Abingdon Va 5/22-23

    Richard "Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue" Leigh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Leigh_%28songwriter%29 is a graduate of Virginia Highlands Community College in Abingdon, Virginia. He's arranged with the school to hold an annual songwriter's competition there. This is the third year, my...
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    My Tricked Out Pignose

    The PA builds can wait a while. I'm taking a break from building great big stuff to do some great little stuff. https://db.tt/Az2nU7Bo
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    Two Part Compact PA Speaker Builds

    Bob, no the XO is just internal. Besides, the GRS 8" BOFU clones are full range (39 Hz to 16 kHz) so crossing them would just cut out some of their response. If I were going to use all four, I'd power them with a Fender stereo power mixer with A/B/A+B output, or else use the Fender for the...
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    Two Part Compact PA Speaker Builds

    Here's a couple build write ups on a PA set I just finished. Buckfiftes: Two towers, each 48" x 12" x 12", with four BOFU type 8" full range drivers with 240 wRMS handling, high efficiency detuned port design. $150 https://db.tt/KFzH5ldG 3fifties: Two base units, face to face a 24" x 24" x...
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    Apeman -- Kinks, Kovers and monKeys

    I kept busting out laughing while I was putting it together. That's my measure of doing something right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTzBaWfPLY8
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    summertime in 5/4

    Mastery over timing, all the notes on the fretboard, infusing your intended emotional emphasis, and making sure the mix of these sings the tune as you play, this is the essence of artistry. Guitartistry. Thank you.
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    How to tell if a string is about to break

    They don't "just" break, something makes them. If you learn what causes it for you, you can learn to prevent it. The stuff that causes it are usually kinks, and those very rarely happen along the length. They usually happen around the tuning post, or sometimes the bridge saddles. Wrap it around...
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    Let's Do This Song

    I'm making a logo bearing guitar for Home Depot, and got their permission to do a full length song based (loosely) on their "Let's Do This" TV ad music. I'm hoping to do a video when I present them with the guitar. This is the music. It could have gone in any of several of the demo forums here...
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    Ever seen a cracked tube take out other components?

    I've seen a cracked tube take out other components, including low power like audio preamps. But I've never seen a low power tube like that crack without something else causing it. A cracked tube might cause surge enough to fry resistors open, but a catastrophic failure like that would happen too...
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    Amp repair - back to manufacturer or local tech?

    Sounds like a solder joint. If under warranty, ship it. Otherwise try to check the solder joints yourself or else have a tech do so. I'm betting the latter would be cheaper than factory repair + shipping, even if it's something else. But before a tech, make sure they'll sell repair parts.
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    Kustom "200" Help?

    Mike, Got this one for $100 flat. Not so much a looker -- plain flat black naugahyde. Maybe a sickly nauga. Hey, nobody hears the sparkles anyway. Odd little bit, no handle. I got it because of its bass ability, was glad it came with 4 channels suitable for pretty much anything. Been using...
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    Kustom "200" Help?

    Thanks, I guess there shouldn't be anything coming out any of them with more power than full output, so speakers capable of handling that would be safe if plugged into a "wrong" jack. Such as, no harm will come if it's a footswitch. Are the two outputs directly parallel? In other words, a...
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    Why cant they make tubes like they used to?

    Precisely how does geography affect specifications? I mean, you want something that works well, right? That comes from specs, which includes tolerances and materials quality. If you understand those, and can test them yourself rather than just believe marketoid hype or uberhobbyist...
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    Philco Radio Amp Conversion

    Just finished: Philco 48-121, guts replaced with a 60s Silvertone all-tube organ amp, gained up to around 20 wRMS, pushing a pair of TA Weber Signature series 8" ceramics, or for more impact, a cab of Magnavox/Wurlitzer drivers, eight 5" xovered at 3.5kHz and five 12" (one rear firing)...
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    Huge difference in tone between identical speakers

    In the first case you tested two cabs. I take it they each had their own drivers, ie. you didn't swap them. Factory sealed, not opened. In the second you tested one cab with two different sets of drivers, swapping them out. Was the first set factory sealed into the cab? The second obviously...
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