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    So, Listening To Clapton Today...

    was ec playing marshalls or soldanos at that time? seems like I remember a soldano period.
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    Heading to Vegas

    This place is a guitar ghost town....
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    Dead and Company w/ John Mayer

    Their are other dead bands out there who I enjoy listening to more. Just something missing for me. I keep trying ...But..
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    The Brothers ... Stay Tuned? (ABB Content)

    I'd be happy if some of the proceeds went to folks who were part of the brothers family who maybe could use a little help. Doubt it would happen but wishful thinking.
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    David Grissom Interview

    that was prob one of my fav interviews of all time. so relaxed and informative.Thanks again.
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    David Grissom Interview

    great watch. thanks
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    Great slide guitarists other than Derek, Jack and Sonny?

    he is a badass. I miss him from Sturg.
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    Marcus King - that's some FIRE right there!

    with Warren as his uncle.
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    I’m headed to Joe Bonamassa tomorrow in Wilkes Barre

    I'm with you about the trio days. They were smokin.
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    A Little Bit Gilmourish Tonight...

    Sounds like you nailed it.
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    Jeff Healey . . . What's the current thoughts on the late guitarist?

    his youtube vid of him sitting in with les paul is pretty amazing.
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