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    JOYO Oxford Sound JF-22.

    there is no option to bypass the cab sim on the joyo clones. I have the AS and I think with the tone fully counter clockwise its as neutral is its going to get. There is info online how to mod the pedal to bypass the cab sim portion but it's pretty fiddly (smd components).
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    NKBD.... Microfreak.

    MF is going to be a future classic. I bought it as something to cover the more exotic bases my stable of Rolands didnt - ie FM, semi modular stuff, the wavetables etc. I havent checked the patch librarian since I got mine (about 2 years ago) but i seem to recall it was not the greatest...
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    Khruangbin. Good, bad, don't care? Jealous brother maybe?

    I appreciate the concept but indeed its a bit skimpy. Coulda sworn they've announced the band is done and they are moving on to another project now but not seeing that anywhere. They're on the new Ron Trent record but I don't think it would appeal to TGP.
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    Playing in bands as you get to your 40s and up.

    my experience in my 40s is that a number of things are WAY better - people still in it at this point can usually play, have good gear, disposable income for a jam spot, or a house / jam spot already, reliable transportation etc. But overall its way worse as their musical tastes tend to be...
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    Providing you don't lose it, how long does a plectrum last you?

    I use Tortex and have many that are probably over 30 years old at this point.. they eventually turn into circles but I stil use em (allways use all three sides of the pick anyways)
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    Caline Englishman

    gonna throw some love to the Caline Snakebite... really great reverb pedal with alot of control. It doesnt do say spring or typical stuff it lives in a kind of unique plate / psuedo shimmer realm. People have claimed its an EQD afterneath clone but I dont think that's tru - it doesn't have any...
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    Saw Dead and Co for the first time last night…it was very “meh”.

    Dead and Co has been rocky... I thought the first tour was iffy but had highlights.. then it sort of kicked in and I realy enjoyed alot of the runs. Yes it was slower but it was also deeply funky and groovey, the interplay with Chimetti in particualr was really really strong. I have zero...
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    Recording a live band/drummer in a DAW to line up with the timing of the grid - what's the best way?

    If the band wont / doesnt want to use a click I'll fix the timing afterwards. Its very easy to snap audio to grid in Ableton live - across multitracks (ie the entire band). How tite you want to lock it depends often on the genre. I will typically check tempo at the top, middle, end and...
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    Death in the family. My 33 year old Kawai K-1 died

    about 10 years ago I bought a K1, yamaha TX7 and an Accoustic 134 combo amp off a dude in a for $120. Loved that k1 but foolishly flipped it a few years ago when i wasn't logging as much hours doing electronic stuff. Sold the Tx7 for more than the original deal. Still have the 134
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    Roland AIRA Compact Series - J-6, T-8, & E-4

    Ive held out on cheap 303, XOX drums for years but this t-8 is gonna be an instant purchase
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    Loud drummer, best cheap amps

    Dynamics and drums are related to the genre your playing as much as the drummer themselves. When i played in a death metal band we certaibly had intros and breakdowns and interlides where the volume came down and the nuances came out but 90% of the set was full throttle as thats par for the...
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    Loud Amps Only Club

    I've got to go pick my Accoustic 134 4 x 10 combo up at the jam spot now that the band has fizzled... 125 watts of pure clean power.
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    Why aren't there any affordable electromechanical keyboards?

    Im currently tuning my fender rhodes... im on day 8. between replacing some felts, adjusting the pickups, setting the tine postion... Its like doing a settup on a double neck 12 string where every string has a seperate pickup and you have to takethe neck off and adjust the truss rd with every...
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    From My Home Town-Sloan Appreciation Thread

    yes thats true the 4 of em all still write. They just lost me circa navy blues when that more hard rockin power pop sound came to the fore. Im from halifax and Sloan definatly set a high bar at that time. Chris is a super nice dude and we played with them a few times bitd.
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    From My Home Town-Sloan Appreciation Thread

    awesome band in their early days but totally lost me once patrick took over and the molson canadian rocks direction came in.
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