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  1. dughaze

    How do people buy a guitar without knowing the weight??

    A bass player would read this and say "are you kidding me?"
  2. dughaze

    V30 Lovers? What power tubes are you using?

    I run almost everything thru some Mesa and other brand V30 loaded cabs. Sure, it's cool to change things up a bit, but my go to's are Mesa V30 loaded cabs. I mostly use several Mesa amps with them. Hey, many good players and builders put V30's in their cabs because they are a solid rock speaker...
  3. dughaze

    The thrill of the chase. It's a sad day that's over for me.

    If you won't help carry the PA equipment to the stage and help set it up, I don't care what equipment one has.
  4. dughaze

    Running Bass Into the Live Mix

    It worked well running the bass into the Allen and Heath mixer and into the three Yorkville mains. Thanks! We had one brief hiccup though. We were playing at a well known motorcycle dealer and at the end of our third set on a sunny afternoon a newly purchased and customized motorcycle slid...
  5. dughaze

    Running Bass Into the Live Mix

    Sold bro. I am doing it and I forgot I have a third 550P I can put out there. Your right, its time to do it and our ears will thank us. Well do it this weekend. We are outside but facing a giant wall that we cannot turn up too loud because of anyways. And we did sound good at this place last...
  6. dughaze

    Running Bass Into the Live Mix

    Good point. From The Rolling Stones to a little grunge... Just thought about that I have one more 550P I can put out there, there would be 3 of them to share the "load".
  7. dughaze

    Running Bass Into the Live Mix

    We are a two guitar, bass, and drums setup live. Our PA out front consists of two Yorkville NX550P's. I've been able to get by without putting the bass and just a little of the drums into the mix. We have to turn the bass up so loud on stage to get the bass out front that our stage volume is too...
  8. dughaze

    2016 Gibson R7 LP Bridge Replacement

    A saddle fell out when I cut the string off for a change. I was like wtf.... But damn the guitar is the best guitar I've ever played / owned so it is all cool. My luck, the retaining wire would rattle. I've had a few LP's with no retaining wire so I will check that avenue out I guess...
  9. dughaze

    2016 Gibson R7 LP Bridge Replacement

    great suggestion.... thanks
  10. dughaze

    2016 Gibson R7 LP Bridge Replacement

    Some years ago my first LP was an Agile LP copy and it had a wire across those saddles....
  11. dughaze

    2016 Gibson R7 LP Bridge Replacement

    Just picked up an R7 and I would like to replace the bridge with a bridge that the string saddles will not fall out when the string breaks or is replaced. I can see where popping a string on stage and then the saddle falling out could be a real problem. Any recommendations?
  12. dughaze

    What's live music looking like for you this month in your area?

    It used to be the rock and rollers that tore things up and pushed for change, now we are at home staying safe while changes are happening alright. Maybe rock needs to die.
  13. dughaze

    Gibson Guitars: Legend or Hype

    Gibson guitars are neither legend or hype. I have a few I really like. Ever go out to dinner with those people that seem to always have a problem with their meal and they send it back or are unhappy with the service? Same thing...
  14. dughaze

    I no longer gig with big amps.

    A Mesa Mini Mark 5:25 and a Vintage 30 loaded 1x12 gets the job done in today's stuff.
  15. dughaze

    Eastman 59/V Les Paul style guitar.

    Just went through the same drill. I wound up with an awesome used R7 and God willing I am going to gig it till the cows come home.
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