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    El Rey Dorado (Keeley Plexi Tone)

    Awesome. Thank you! Ordered...
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    El Rey Dorado (Keeley Plexi Tone)

    Digging up an older thread I realize but thanks for a great and thorough review. How do you find the noise level with the gain up a little? Also, any familiarity with the JHS @AT? If so, how close are they in tone, or better yet enough difference to have both on the board? Cheers!
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    Pink Floyd: Animals or The Wall?

    All good. It's ok to agree to disagree. I've listened to every LP from Saucerful of Secrets and Meddle right up to the very latest works by the Waters-less Pink Floyd and Waters own material and honestly I'd say that the stuff they did after Waters left lacked the writing skill in a big way...
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    Pink Floyd: Animals or The Wall?

    I am a huge fan of Roger Waters even since the split. While I completely get how many people don't want to pay him credit because of the way he handled PF during the fallout, he's since become the bigger man and admitted it was his wrong and the other fellas were in the right. You have to give...
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    Pink Floyd: Animals or The Wall?

    Difficult question. I went with Animals sheerly because of how much time I spent with headphones pressed against my ears and playing that album cover to cover so many times. The Wall was awesome... I'm not one that didn't love it. Some classic Floyd moments. But Animals was one you could...
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    POLL: Favorite Led Zeppelin studio album?

    Voted II, but honestly how can you pick just one? You have to listen to the entire discography... on VINYL... with headphones.
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    Strat-single coil-sized humbuckers...your thoughts???

    I'm a hardcore Strat guy and have used the Lil 59, HotRails, CoolRails, and JBJr. Actually still have one Strat with a Lil 59 and one with a JBJr... both are great. If you're looking for a little more punch but not overpowering, they both will do the trick and still mesh well with the...
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    Anybody NOT liking their Truetone CS7/12?

    I have a CS12 and a CS7, both currently mounted under my large board. I've had the CS12 since it was released, and the CS7 for about a year now. Zero issues, zero concerns, no complaints. Both work great and have been very reliable. I have a Zuma on my small board. I've only had it for a...
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    Goodbye Thorn Guitars - hello Fender Custom Shop.

    Awesome opportunity for a guy who no doubt deserves every bit of it. Many congrats and I'll look forward to admiring your work with the FCS for years to come!! Kudos!!!
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    Favorite low gain overdrive?

    I have bought and sold more low to medium gain drive pedals than ANYONE should ever be willing to admit to. But I have a habit of falling for the "latest and greatest" publicity on places like TGP for new drives. ... and yet at the end of the day I keep selling them because none can outdo the...
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    Keeley Oxblood Overdrive

    It's been a staple on my board since it came out. I run it as a mid-gain foundation drive. To use TGP adjectives it's a little warmer and chewier than a TS, with better drive up tones than a klone, and it sounds awesome for leads when you boost it with a TS type after (I run a Keeley Red Dirt...
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    Has any other band ever been as despised as Nickelback ?

    Bee Gees at one point? Sometimes it seems John Mayer?
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    How good is the Strymon Big Sky?

    Not sure I'm fully qualified to answer because I haven't spent any time with the Ventris... and I have a lot more seat time with the Strymon than the Boss. I actually had both the DD500 and Timeline together for a while before parting with the Boss, but with the reverbs I have a lot more time...
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    cali comp cd how much noise?

    It's the first compressor I've owned since the 90's that I kept around longer than a couple months... and by far and away the best. As for noise, it's one of the better ones and easily one of the best for adjustments and playing "feel".
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    Compression Pedals with Blend, Yay or Nay?

    I absolutely make use of the blend control... the Cali 76 CD is the best compressor pedal I've owned, but others that have had it worked great too - the Wampler, Keeley and Xotic for example. For me it helps me get the output "just right".