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    Little Feat appreciation

    That was WLIR. I grew up about 10 miles from there. Sam Ash and Gracin's were within a couple of blocks of WLIR.
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    David Peel "Who Killed Brian Jones" is magnificent

    i met (and smoked with) david at washington square park in the 80's. very interesting guy
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    NAMM 2022, Anaheim June 3-5: Where are the Big Name Companies?

    i don't think it will be a bust, i just think it is going in a new direction and might take a couple of years to take hold
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    Any ideas for me promoting myself at NAMM and more…

    from what i've been told by my friends that have attended the last few years (i haven't gone since 2016), it seems that the whole landscape is changing. a lot of manufacturers (large and small) are opting out of namm, while there is a trend for individuals to rent booths to promote their...
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    Grateful Dead | One From The Vault (8/13/1975)

    pretty sure it was tiger
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    How Many Times Did You See The Grateful Dead?

    about a dozen times between 86-93
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    I like Big Wreck... Ian Thornley is a amazing singer and guitarist

    i would LOVE to see steve gorman play with big wreck.
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    I like Big Wreck... Ian Thornley is a amazing singer and guitarist

    wow. they sound really tight. that jam at the end of ghosts was insane, even for ian. i digress was also amazing. can't wait for them to come back to the states.
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    Anyone from NYC remember the Good Rats?

    still a huge fan. still listen to them regularly too. the marchello brothers went to my high school (so did dee snyder). they were sooooo underrated. check out spotify, they have a disc of rats rarities and un-released stuff.
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    Favorite Non Gibson Semi Hollows

    Early Baker B1H
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    Michael Lee Firkins

    i remeber that first album coming out and picking it up on a magazine review reccomendation. he played with pat travers on a couple of songs. Michael Lee Firkins - Lead guitar solo on "Just Got Paid" and harmony solo, intro solo, first verse lead fills, and lead solo after first verse on...
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    jason and the scorchers

    if you are a fan of warner, you should check out his stuff with dan baird. dan is a true american treasure.
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    Good online dealers for PRS, Tom Anderson, Suhr, Jackson USA

    matt's music in weymouth mass
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