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Recent content by e???

  1. e???

    OK...Gibson finally broke me.

    It's nutty to me too, but the market dictates the reality.
  2. e???

    The Tremolux has arrived!

    Congrats man! That's one cool amp, play it in good health
  3. e???

    The line between hollowbody and semi-hollow

    Playing clean, I can definitely hear the difference between thin line and normal. Even smugglers teles sound like they have air in them. Probably the best and most simple explanation I've heard
  4. e???

    Thinking about a hollowbody...

    I give a vote to the classic Gibson jazz workhorse: The es-175, it's a masterpiece.
  5. e???

    My guitars were stolen

    Sorry to hear man
  6. e???

    NAD - Original 1965 Fender Princeton NR

    Congrats man! Play it in good health
  7. e???

    2012 Gibson ES330 VOS with bigsby

    P90s and hollow bodies were literally made for eachother. The definition of warmth, if u ask me. Can't promise you that bigsby is gonna work like it should, but that's okay, I think they make a better bridge than anything Gibson made/makes anyways
  8. e???

    Is a LP Jr darker than a Tele (bridge)?

    It's a whole different feel than the Tele. Have fun, Keith Richards plays both
  9. e???

    Why does my 68 vibrolux sound so good?

    50's n 60's Fender continues to be a high water mark
  10. e???

    Fender Champion 600 reissue

    See them for 200 to 250 or so lately usually. Once in a while you'll see one for 100 to 150, but it's getting rare, especially the last couple years.
  11. e???

    2 pickup 50's Hardtail Strat

    Hell yes, been wanting something like that for years. Bet that was one great stratocaster
  12. e???

    A little Olympic White action from 1964

    You're the man! Play it in good health. Wish I could hear the pickups through my '61 brown deluxe!
  13. e???

    I like stock Blues Jr. tubes. Am I a bad person?

    Man there are so many better amps than the blues jr... I get that people need a place to start with tube amps, and that it probably does sound better than most digital nonsense that people start out with. But man... life is short and you're playing a blues Jr.
  14. e???

    Peter Green-ish Tone