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Recent content by earl diltz

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    Mf " Stupid Deal" Guild Acoustic Today

    I taped off the bridge and fingerboard along the top and used a small pencil eraser as a sanding block, used 2000 grit sand paper soaked in water and a few drops of Dawn detergent. Slow going doing a section at a time and when it was all leveled I buffed it out with a drill and a buffer pad and...
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    Mf " Stupid Deal" Guild Acoustic Today

    I still like mine, I wet sanded the top finish which thinned it a lot and installed bone bridge pins and saddle on mine. I've played the hell out of it for a few months and think it sounds much better now. Great guitar for $289.00!
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    Mf " Stupid Deal" Guild Acoustic Today

    I received My Guild on Wednesday and couldn't be happier with the guitar. the workmanship is flawless and the look is stunning in person. The tone of the laminate ebony sounds closer to a Rosewood guitar than mahogany. The setup was great maybe a tiny bit high for some players but I play a lot...
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    Repairs on a 1981 Ibanez AS200

    Binding rot, eventually it will have to be rebound. Lots of old Ibanez guitars have it.
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    Prince Rogers Nelson

    Never mind, I figured it out. October 1975
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    Prince Rogers Nelson

    Has a serial number on the headstock, How do you date one of these?
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    Prince Rogers Nelson

    I inherited my Dads Mad Cat, Great sounding guitar but has a small neck and is pretty heavy. Instead of flamed maple it's birds eye.
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    Show us your Japanese guitars

    1974 H.S. Anderson1974 https://i.postimg.cc/XJWH2gZj/anderson-n.jpg 2001 JSM100 1981 AR500 https://postimg.cc/phw85Z9G
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    Ibanez JSM100 and .013 Gauge strings

    I use 9's on mine, sounds great!
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    Tung Sol tubes = never again.

    Has a set of 6l6s in My Mesa Lonestar. Amp tech said he had never seen tubes deteriorate so fast in his life. No more for me either.
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    How close does an Epiphone get?

    I'm pretty sure he plays the Japanese version and not the Chinese copy Ibanez makes.
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    How close does an Epiphone get?

    The dot should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as an Ibanez J craft or Prestige.
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    Ibanez JSM100 owners. How consistent are they?

    Bought my JSM100 new in 2002, absolutely flawless construction and the best fret job on a new guitar I've ever played. They do have a bigger neck than the Yamahas. I've owned a few Japanese AS models and have never played a bad one. I've never cared for the Yamaha SA, they were built great but...
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    Fans of late 70s/early 80s Ibanez Artists - a question

    I have an 81 AR500 and I know there was an early one with only 5 knobs but I have never seen one with a vine and in white.