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Recent content by earthmud

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    Options for an analog style delay to run in front of a dirty amp

    Another vote for MP DBD. I bought a handwired when they came out years ago because they were designed to be run in front and work well with od. I haven't felt the need to look for another delay. It sounds great live or at home. Simple set it and forget it.
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    Jeff Tweedy- Love is King

    Great track. Kind of a Being There vibe. I dig it.
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    Name some obscure song you liked as a kid ....

    I had Love a Rainey Night by Eddie Rabbit and the Theme song for The Greatest American Hero on 45. My 45 player was a Welcome Back Carter player. Styling at 6.
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    Trey Anastasio’s Beacon Jams, anyone else enjoying these ?

    Loved the just guitar and piano Divided Sky. Might be one of my favorite versions ever.
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    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    I saw them for their opening date of the Metamodern tour in a small club here in Phoenix. They killed it. They were still hungry back them and played their asses off. Laurs was playing through a fender champ and some cheap pedals. The man is a magician. The albums with Laurs will always be my...
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    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    I wish Laurs was still around. Such a badass.
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    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    I was with him all the way until that one lol. Different strokes I guess.
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    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    I hope not. I was about to give up on him at that point. Did not care for that one one bit. Glad he came around.
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    Long Plates in v1 + v2

    Depends on the tube. I have long plate Mullards is both v1 of my Vox amps. One Mc1 and A F92. Some long plates tend to be microphonic which can be an issue in some amps.
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    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    Killer new Bluegrass album. A must for any Sturgill or Bluegrass fan. Old tunes but re-recorded. Still sounds great. "Sturgill Simpson Raids His Own Catalog For Surprise Bluegrass Album : NPR" https://www.npr.org/2020/10/16/924343633/sturgill-simpson-new-surprise-bluegrass-album
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    Fret Repair Phoenix Area

    Billy at B&D guitar repair is one of the best in town. The Guitar Gallery is good as well.
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    What guitar will you let your teenage son use - get him his own or one of yours?

    I still have my 30 year old Fender Squire strat. Both my sons play drums but if they want to play its always around. Hoping my daughter will pick up guitar. She is 4 and has great taste in music already.
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    Ahh nothing like a fresh set of strings on a tele. Also, flatwounds SUCK!

    I just figured out Stringjoy Broadways are not for me. While I love how they feel and how well they stay in tune, the tone of the wound strings are too muted for my setup. Bummer because I love everything else about them. Just ordered some Throback round core pure nickels 9.5-44. Hoping these...
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    Duellist vs Soloist

    For those who own or have tried both, what do you feel the differences are? Trying to decide which one to grab. I know the TS differences are minimal but still curious now that both have been out for a while. Thanks!
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    Vox AC30C2X Top Boost Issues

    Define radio sounds?