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    Head Hands & Feet

    There are a bunch of old HHF clips on YouTube, been posted here before. Find em on your own - great stuff.
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    Let's play Name That Rock Star!

    I have but two of them - Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight) and the Igster Iggy Pop (James Newell Osterberg, Jr.)
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    What's your favorite Jeff Beck album?

    Truth. Bought it at a local department store in Hartford, CT when it was weeks old. "I don't know much about love, people, but I sure got it bad". Hard to believe that was the Rod Stewart singing who became the Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Rod Stewart. So cool to see Joe Bonamassa perform it (Blues...
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    Guitars you wished you still had

    Sunburst 65 Gibson J-200. Bought it used in Chicago in 1975, with an old repaired body crack, for $650, sold it 15 years later after a moving snafu where it got left in a U-Haul overnight in freezing cold and then the case got opened quickly the next day to see if there was any damage and I...
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    Page looks WEIRD.

    Does that photo make him look just a little like a snazzy Ted Kennedy, anyone?
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    Happy Holidays! Now, what did you get??

    Is that a vintage Charvel Model 4 ? Am I remembering that number right? I owned one in metal-flake dark cobalt blue, almost black, with cool tweed case - bought new, maybe 1985? Great guitar!
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    What would be a sexy guitar with p90's...maybe even THREE p90's ;)

    One-off custom T90 from StephenT (Talkovich): Chapin Fatline:
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    Major Bands/Performers You've Never Really Cared For..

    Kiss Metallica and many more (and I am sure I love some which others feel are stinkers...)
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    Just got a new guitar...what do you think?

    No humidifier needed, apparently...
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    Punk Rock...that's right!!

    All these great bands are bringing back some great memories. Punk rock was a big thing in my life. Spun tons of discs as a dj at the world's first punk rock disco (as reported in Time Magazine at the time), La Mere Vipere, in Chicago, from Mother's Day 1977 to my 26th birthday on the 26th of...
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    Goodall and Collings changed the game for me . . .

    Try these: Outside Nashville, Tennessee: (I've been there and the sensual experience is not to be believed - by-appointment-only private woody-shedding). Just North of Asheville, North Carolina: (dealt with them online and great...
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    Goodall and Collings changed the game for me . . .

    My particular Goodall Koa Grand Concert (KGC) has a clarity and warmth throughout the fingerboard. Sounds equally great with pick or fingerpicking. I felt the sustain of the chords and single notes much more than the others I tried that day. It just felt and sounded best, in direct comparisons...
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    Goodall and Collings changed the game for me . . .

    About 5 years ago, I went to a shop to try out a Martin and ended up buying a Goodall Grand Concert with Koa back and sides and an Adirondack Spruce top (Goodall KGC). It was the sweetest sounding and feeling guitar in the shop! The store was Maple Leaf Music, a small, independent retailer of...
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    Where to buy Pedal Power Cables?

    Yes - It was not more than 6 bucks to me in CT. No tax, and I received them a few days later. They even threw in a free cable when I mentioned one of mine had been dead on arrival originally. Excellent experience buying the extra cables direct (bought the PP2 "new in box" from a TGPer.)
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    Where to buy Pedal Power Cables?

    You can buy them direct from the manufacturer by phone with credit card. Simple process, fast shipping, and check out the web site to see if you might want any of the right angle plugs or other specialty ones, too. Here's the link: