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    Used R9 Market Saturated?

    Always wanted an R9. But I look at the R8's, and seems like I can get a great player with the same hardware for fewer $$$. Gotta research the prices, but damn...I love LP's.
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    NGD – Gretsch Broadkaster Jr -- Road Test Report

    Beautiful guitar! And nice comprehensive review. Might be nice to get a pic of it next to the Country Gent. Get an indication of scale.
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    Romeo Rose compares Axe FX to Line 6 Helix

    He's a mental patient with a problem. He's creates a problem, then devotes all energy into destroying everything he has been 'wronged' about. He's only unusual in his zeal...he has nothing else. I have not clicked on any of these links after looking at something else he posted. This is what...
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    Carr Skylark Review

    Good review Dan!
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    Bill Nash Guitars Anybody??

    We don't need to get into opinions of Relic'ing, viewpoints will wildly vary, so let's not go there. But almost every one I've played just felt RIGHT. I guess I am past the place where it has to have 'the best bridge, frets, machines, wire, Nitro' whatever. If I close my eyes, how does it...
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    Bill Nash Guitars Anybody??

    My problem is that I have to buy that lovely internet way. Humbucker music has a pile of them. I'm not interested in what kind of relic'ing is on there (I would prefer that it look 'worn' rather than 'sweat on constantly for 35 years'.) It seems there are a great many 'good one's' rather than...
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    Bill Nash Guitars Anybody??

    Another bump. I've looked at more than a few Fender Custom Shop Tele's. I go back to playing a Nash Tele with Lollars almost 5 years ago in a shop here in Denver. To my shame, I didn't buy it on the spot. Yes, it's an assembled guitar, but it's a fooking WELL DONE assembly. (The...
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    The thing that I find so rude on TGP

    Honestly, if you're selling a guitar, you should have pics already loaded up ready to go on photobucket. Especially if there are any flaws, etc. 10+ pics should be up there. Anyone serious can get all they need off of those (or MAYBE one or two additional). The 'I need additional' types are...
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    What is the best modeler? The one that sounds best, of course!

    Good story! But I'm not sure why this is news. 'A modeler can get some great tones'. Shocker. (Not you OP, but that people in general are amazed that this can happen...) Regardless of just how 'progressive' we call ourselves, even on this board. There's still a bit of shock and awe when...
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    Axe-FX II FW10 question

    Who knows what it will ship with. I would suspect 9.02. Updating is not difficult, there are thousands of posts (and even video's) on how to update once V10 shows up (and V11, etc, etc...) Don't get too caught up in 'I need FW V10'...the Axe sounds fantastic now, and while initial reports are...
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    Axe-FX II FW 10 Plexi and Friedman BE

    Nice stuff Adam. IR's used? MIC's?
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    CV Telecaster vs. Baja Telecaster? A huge step up?

    Yeah, I've said that I actually PREFER the 'soft V' of the neck. But the pups have me questioning things. Are the 'twisted tele' and Broadcaster pups in the Baja closer to the Alnico 3's or the Alnico 5's in anyone's experience? Good stuff guys, thanks. R
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    CV Telecaster vs. Baja Telecaster? A huge step up?

    Dood, thanks a pile! Guess I didn't know this. Thought they were the same pups in each. I had a white one, and sold it to a friend. Ended up picking up a Butterscotch thinking it would have the same specs, and it just didn't sound as great as the white one. File this under the 'I'm an...
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    CV Telecaster vs. Baja Telecaster? A huge step up?

    Hey! Didn't know that! Thanks for the tip! Point is, I played a Nash Tele a few years ago (in which I WISH I would have bought it on the spot), that had a full range of usefulness on almost every pup and tone knob setting. Yes, the difference between an $1800 guitar and a $325 guitar...
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    CV Telecaster vs. Baja Telecaster? A huge step up?

    So I'm considering the Baja. I really like my CV Butterscotch Tele, but I keep looking at these Baja's thinking I wouldn't have that nagging issue I have with the CV. It's SO bright on the Bridge unless I crank down the tone knob. Also get greater tonal capabilities? I don't know. I...