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    binding on martin loose
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    My Take On A Cherry Burst ... No Clowns Allowed

    She's crazy beautiful!!! Great job!!! :)
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    What's the TGP word on Headstrong amps?

    Thank you. Your comment might just push me over the edge :D
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    What's the TGP word on Headstrong amps?

    Hi Barnzy, What're your thoughts on the Santa Cruz 5? The amp's been on my radar since they were first announced. Would you say the tone's more Blackface than Tweed?
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    Who makes the prettiest fretboard?!

    Scott Walker's "Split Diamonds" in Mother of Pearl in Brazilian Rosewood :)
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    5 Watt Amps That Sound Great, Full/Fat, & Not Boxy

    Another vote for the Gries 5. Phenomenal amp for the $$$!
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    Lets talk about Trombetta pedals and show them off!

    I only have the Mini-Bone and Bone Machine GTx :) 99% of the time, I stack my Mini-Bone into a Skreddy Screw Driver Mini-Deluxe for my dirty tones.
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    What's your favorite headstock?

    Scott Walker "Slim" headstock :)
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    NYCers: Favorite apartment amps?

    Gries 5 is the perfect bedroom amp imho :)
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    Custom Chasson Concert

    Phenomenal marquetry work!
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    New Amp Day - Gries 5 combo

    Mine just shipped! Got the e-mail from Dave this morning. I can't wait! :) I was a Gries amp dealer some years back but Dave prefers to sell direct these days within CONUS and graciously agreed to build me my amp in 230V with a British style 3-pin plug :)
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    Let's see your HSH guitars - might be a short thread

    Tom Anderson Drop Top :)
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    WGS ET90/BL80 blend!!!

    + 1 :)
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    Open or Closed Back 1x12?

    Here's an idea ;) Custom J Design "convertible" cab :)
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