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    Suhr Jack Rabbit

    Another fan here! Does everything I wanted it to very well. Love the fact it has an independent level control.
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    Do people not ever sell EBMM,Albert Lee?

    You do see them used occasionally, but most of the folks hip enough to buy one hang onto them. I'm on my second, it's my Number One, and it's not going anywhere! To those who comment on the shape, all you have to do is hang one on a strap and you will understand. Possibly the most ergonomic...
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    Favorite Ethos Overdrive (and Amp) settings

    Thanks very much for the settings and the template! Very handy! Just loving my Ethos...
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    Kudos to Jim Wagner/WCR...again!

    I've bought several sets of outstanding pickups from Jim over the years and his products and particularly customer service are second to none! I just had occasion to install a set of his fabulous Godwood pickups, Blasting Cap capacitors and custom pots in a friend's Historic R9 Les Paul. Well...
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    Semi-Hollowbody under $500??

    Buy a used PRS SE Semihollow. Even with the stock pickups it's a killer.
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    DGT pickup replacement suggestion

    A really good friend of mine pulled the DGT pups from his guitar in preparation for a set of JM Rolphs. He sold me the DGT pickups. Inside two weeks I get a call saying that the DGT pups "were" the guitar, and so he sold me the rest of it. Hard way to find out...
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    DGT pickup replacement suggestion

    Don't do it! The success of the DGT is because it's one of the most perfectly-realized two hummer guitars out there, and anything you do to the formula sounds worse.
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    Best used 23 1/2 scale archtop for around $1500-2000

    Byrds and replicas are the only ones out there in 23.5" scale.
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    JTV Variax:Reliable these days?

    I've played both and prefer the Variax. The Roland stuff is cool and I've owned all(?) of their guitar synths, but the Vax just has an earthier feel buildwise and the sounds range from good to excellent. Mine will be a tool to fool the drunks in the bars LOL! Live to play Live!
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    JTV Variax:Reliable these days?

    Well, two years after the fact I bit the bullet and ordered a JTV59 today. I'll take my chances in the reliability department, and always carry at least one spare guitar anyway. Hope I don't live to regret this, because the potential is undeniable. Crossing over to the Dark Side...
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    JTV Variax:Reliable these days?

    Maybe I should have posted this in digital and Modelling. Thought a bunch more people would see it here. Buehller...
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    JTV Variax:Reliable these days?

    Almost two years ago played some of the Tyler Variaxes and was very impressed. Ordered one and paid for it, waited forever, read all the horror stories on the Line 6 forums, finally gave up and took my money back. Well, it's been awhile now and was wondering how those of you who purchased one...
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    PRS 305

    The Seafoamer in the first pic was mine. Fantastic guitar, typical flawless build, really versatile pickups...Leo would have been proud. Only reason I don't own it today is that my BFR Musicman Albert Lee was doing pretty much the same job, and I wanted a PRS Swampash Special Narrowfield...
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    Going PIEZO with my Superstrat. Options?

    The Ghost is the way. Short of the proprietary PRS system it's the best out there.
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    Does TGP have Ibanez Bias?

    What's the correct voltage for biasing an Ibanez?