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Recent content by eryque

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    Gibson J-160E neck joint?

    David, thanks for the info. I drilled at two of the frets and am still into the neck block an inch down. Not totally sure what's going on, but I think I'm going to go ahead and work the bridge instead of resetting and just get the action as good as I can. The customer is not on an unlimited...
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    Gibson J-160E neck joint?

    I don't think my HMO will cover that :-) Would probably be faster and cheaper to just take the fretboard off, but I'm a big fan of not touching anything I don't have to.
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    Gibson J-160E neck joint?

    Wasn't sure whether to post this here or if it belonged elsewhere, but this seemed like a good place to start. A customer has brought me a 1976 J-160E that needs a neck reset, among other work. I've read statements on the internet about various quirks of Gibson acoustic construction, but...
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    500k or 250k volume pots?

    If you want to compromise, I have a whole batch of CTS pots that are supposed to be 500K, but are out of spec and most read in the low 300's.
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    Epiphone Sheraton surprise

    It's a Sheraton II. The original Sheraton model was made in the 60s. If I recall correctly, the label inside the f-hole should say Sheraton II, but they changed specs and changed factories a couple of times, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a batch of labels that just said Sheraton on it.
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    Sunburst sand-thru... does yellow cover entire body?

    Johnny, I am an experienced guitar finisher ;-) You're right, it is easy to damage a guitar with a heat gun, but it's also *very* easy not to. It only takes a few seconds (literally a few, like 5) to get a spot soft enough that it will come up easily. No solvents, no sawdust (which can do...
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    Sunburst sand-thru... does yellow cover entire body?

    Probably, and you could probably also accidentally go right through to the wood :-)
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    Sunburst sand-thru... does yellow cover entire body?

    You can get that finish removed a lot faster with a heat gun. Try not to let any spot get too hot, and use a plastic scraper so you don't do serious damage to the wood. It will probably also leave the sealer coat in place, so you'll be able to just do a little bit of sanding to even out any...
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    Sunburst sand-thru... does yellow cover entire body?

    What paintguy said. It's very, very likely that you'll get a very uneven color when you're done and be sorry that you did it. Also, you can't use a lacquer under a poly. Lacquers cure by gassing off, i.e. the solvents evaporating out of the finish. Polys don't let any gasses escape, so the...
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    Lacquer question

    You'll want to use nitro. Acrylic lacquers will not blend seamlessly with the nitro.
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    Weight of Guitar

    Folks seem to have all sorts of theories to justify what they like best, but the only consistent finding I've been able to make is: More weight=heavier guitar. It works out 100% of the time. :-) I've played a couple of featherweight Teles and Strats that seemed lifeless at livingroom volume...
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    pick guard for Epiphone '67 Flying V

    There were so many traces made to Epiphones over the years that I wouldn't trust a supplier who doesn't insist on a tracing. WD Music has always done right by me. They don't have Epi V guards listed, but since it'd be custom anyway it doesn't matter much...
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    Epiphone Sheraton surprise

    Gorgeous! That's one of the older, Samick made Sheratons (You can tell by the shape of the mickey mouse ears.) They truly are great guitars, and one heck of a bargain. My favorite pickups in these are Duncan '59s. I have one at my house that I've been in the process of stripping and...
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    Setting up a Tele?

    It might be easier to diagnose the source of the problem and then figure out the solution, rather than try solutions before you know what the problem is. Does the problem only happen when the string is played open? That would indicate that the problem is probably not in the truss rod or...
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    Tele players, a few questions?

    I was always frustrated by this problem as well. My solution is pretty simple: I use 1 tone cap that's always active, and one tone cap that's added when you switch to the bridge. I usually use a pair that still adds to roughly .047uf when they're both on. I think one Tele has a .01uf cap...