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    LP sounding guitars for players that don't like LP's
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    RIP Little Richard

    Think of it - he had so much to live up to. It had to have been overwhelming at times. RIP Little Richard
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    Post Pandemic Band Names

    Elvis Ate My Pu*sy
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    What Does Bedroom Amp Mean To You?

    For me, a bedroom amp is what I need so no one hears my s*h*i*t*t*y playing.
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    Carr Mercury V - Combo or Head?

    I'm seriously looking at one and am wondering how well a head version would fit with an older open back Dr. Z 2x10 with Dr. Z speakers or the Thiele-ported Z Best Cab with Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion G12H30. Or should I just save my back and go for the combo?
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    Value of a 58 LP Jr with a headstock repair

    They always sound better after a headstock repair done properly. Also good point for negotiation. Good luck!
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    2016 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1956 Strat in Wide Fade 2TBS Finish

    Something similar. Good price for a Wildwood 10?
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    Favourite Beatles' guitar tones

    She Said She Said
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    Gibson SG Sticky Neck Fix?? Does it exist?

    A little talcum powder on your palm really helps with the sticky until the finish cures a bit more.
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    That my friends is a freaking monster!
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    PRS DGT or Custom 22

    I had a '98 Custom 22 and wasn't too fond of the Dragon pickups. I bought a DGT goldtop finished in Nitro and wouldn't ever change anything on it. I say go for a DGT. It's fun to order one, but you could save a lot of cash if you shopped for a nice used one. Good Luck.
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    Trade 2 Historics for a NOS PRS ME 1?

    Just curious. Did you keep it? And if you did, what did it take to get it right?
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    Thoughts on PRS resale desirability by model

    Find one you like, and if it's used, you should get pretty much what you paid for it. Good Luck
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    Any of your guitars spend most of their time in the case ?

    I know! I think it started sounding better after it's spill. :rolleyes:
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    Any of your guitars spend most of their time in the case ?

    After my Nash Tele hit the floor one night after slipping off a String Swing, all of mine stay safely in their cases.
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