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    FS MXR Phase 100 (Script Logo) modded by Analogman

    Vintage 1975 MXR Phase 100 “Script” version modded by Analogman. The mods that were done - true bypass switch installed, florescent green LED and DC power jack. Great shape for it’s age and probably the cleanest AM modded example I’ve seen. Have the original knobs if you prefer stock. No velcro...
  2. EXP

    Ivor Fuzz by Dustin Francis

    Did it come with the Arbiter tag that has the hfe gain numbers? I would be surprised if they were red dot NKT-275 his stash dried up pretty quick. Sounds a lot like mine with NKT-212’s; high gain but has the same glassy cleans and is really touch sensitive. It does a great overdrive better than...
  3. EXP

    Ivor Fuzz by Dustin Francis

    Pretty much the same circuit topography AFAIK the 6L6 version is just louder. Maybe a bit glassier and more bass from the bigger bottles. The Victorilux has a rounder tone than a BF Fender that goes well with a brighter grindy Marshall type drive IMO. It’s darker than my Super Reverb or...
  4. EXP

    Ivor Fuzz by Dustin Francis

    Is Dustin doing NKT-275’s now? Sounds like my black Ivor..cleans up at 9 and does Manic Depression and AYE for days. What’s the gain structure like, is it smooth or velcro ripping? Mine can get nasty but I usually keep the fuzz at 60% and crank the volume. Damn I loved that BC-108. But I...
  5. EXP

    Ivor Fuzz by Dustin Francis

    Cool man. Which Jimi? What did you do with the BC-108 that I traded you? I’ll buy that mofo in a heartbeat. I’m on my fourth myself (and as much as I would love a red ‘66 Ivor) it’s hard to imagine it sounding better than my black one. Which transistors are in your germanium?
  6. EXP

    Ivor Fuzz by Dustin Francis

    I have a Victorilux (6L6GC) and would use a MIAB type to juice it up. The Menatone Working Man Blues or KOTB works great with a Fender style amp and stacks well with the Ivor. A Tubescreamer tends to compress/squash the tone of a FF and smoothes out the fuzz too much IMO. If you want to preserve...
  7. EXP

    Ivor Fuzz by Dustin Francis

    Agreed. I’ve had more than a few originals and the Ivors are tuned perfectly. My ‘68 continues to amaze me and the cleanup is unmatched. Never going to sell this Ivor because it doesn’t get any better IMO.
  8. EXP

    WTB McCon-O-Wah Pot II

    Does anybody have a McCon-O-Pot II (NIB) that they want to sell? Thanks
  9. EXP

    1986, JTM50, Early Spec 1959 or JTM45/100..........

    That looks really clean! How much do you charge for a 45/100?
  10. EXP

    Sold Dr. Scientist Reverberator - $140 shipped

    Excellent condition with no velcro on bottom. Very underrated Reverb pedal. Sounds great. No trades. $140 shipped.
  11. EXP

    Sold Philips 7581A (Quartet)

    Matched quad of Philips/Sylvania 7581A’s. No way to test them but they were purchased here as ANOS. They look fairly new so I’m guessing low hours. Each have shiny “dental mirror” flashing and most of the lettering in tact. These have twin disc getters. Great tubes if clean headroom and punchy...