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Recent content by fatback

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    Ronin Guitars Available?

    June 19th
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    Ronin Guitars Available?

    I just received my tele/foilbucker kit in the mail today! I'm so stoked to get started on the project.
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    Ronin Guitars Available?

    Tried both last week. no response 7/5 edit: just heard back from John. Kit should be shipping this week.
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    Ronin Guitars Available?

    Just checking in on the current status of Ronin. They have 2 foil-bucker tele kits available on their site with a working "buy" button, but when I tried to email them it bounced back saying the address no longer worked.
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    Gainstage Vintage Clean IOS Amp sim

    Fun jam. The eventide gain sounds pretty good. Have you tried it into a gainer amp sim?
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    Thank. This place has gotten HUGE since I was last around...
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    a bouncy little diddly cooked up while in hibernation :hide
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    a minute taking the amp808 for a quick spin
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    Kingsley Page TS & Kingsley Jester demo

    very nice tones. A Page and some other Kingsley pedals have been on my list for a while
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    Lemon Feynman

    Here's a little tribute I did for the late scientist Richard Feynman in the musical style of Lemon Jelly. It's a bit of a departure from my usual stuff with the emphasis here on arranging over lead playing. Science!
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    "Two Buck Tim and the Vastness of Now"

    The floaty, ambient track started with a groove on a digitally processed Vast steel hand drum I recently received. From there I started layering the guitars, (acoustic, clean electric, and Ebow,) along with a S&H patch on Animoog. instruments used: GVCG nocaster (Fred Stuart pu) Lowden F-32...
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    "Aurora Borealis, In Your Kitchen?"

    yup. I started this as a short improv on a Chinese large moon lute, (zhongruan) and then overdubbed acoustic guitar, an Eastwood H44 copy for slide, and a synth drone using Animoog. cheers.
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    OneControl - Golden Acorn Overdrive Special preview clip

    I just recorded this with the Golden Acorn and the same rig as above.
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    Here's a little jam on the main theme to Clapton's Duane Allman tribute, "Motherless Children." I've been working on some faux slide techniques on my tele and found this tune ripe for the pickin'. For the main guitar I'm playing my Fred Stuart loaded GVCG nocaster through a OneControl...
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    OneControl - Golden Acorn Overdrive Special preview clip

    Hot off the heels of NAMM, here's a quick preview of Bjorn Juhl's latest creation for OneControl pedals. The Golden Acorn Overdrive Special is a very dynamic, mid-focused overdrive that gets you well within the ballpark of it's infamous namesake. If you dig interacting with your guitar's...