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Recent content by Fatso Forgottso

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    Show us your rig!

    When I'm playing by myself I run all three amps together. In my band I use the Sunn and Acoustic with RAT + boost going into the Sunn and Ring Thing + Musket going into the Acoustic.
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    Your Pedalboard Photo -- Part XI

    Yeah. I especially like his choice of ring mod, phaser, tremolo, pitch shift and chorus pedals.
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    Pedalboard dead in the middle of a gig... what's your backup plan?

    Since my band closes with an extended improvisation anyways, we'd just skip straight to that.
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    Your top 5 records of all time

    Yeah, that's definitely why I didn't include Radiohead...
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    Your top 5 records of all time

    Artist - Album. No more than 5! Nick Drake - Pink Moon Dysrhythmia - Pretest Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Charles Mingus - w/ Orchestra Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert I'm curious to see what tops TGP'ers charts.
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    what is the best pedal score you ever had?

    no ****ing way, john mayer bought my original tubescreamer for $1400. lol, how many of us have sold pedals to john mayer?
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    Minimalist Pedalboards

    Such an awesome board! What kind of music do you play?
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    Where can I get a stereo in + stereo out mute box?

    Just a little true-bypass box with stereo ins and outs (ie whatever goes into channel A comes out channel A and the same with B) that uses a simple 3DPT switch to totally mute my signal. Cheaper would be better. Thanks.
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    How would you wire this? (Convoluted signal chain content)

    I run a stereo setup: an Acoustic 150 and a Sunn Solarus. My chain is as follows: Ring Thing -> Booster -> RAT -> Phase 90 -> DE-7 -> SMMw/H -> TU2 I want the DIRT (Booster, RAT) effects going to only the Sunn, and the PITCH (Ring Thing) going to only the Acoustic. However, I want the...
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    New amp day - Acoustic 150

    $50! Does anybody else use and enjoy one of these?