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    Show Your Christmas Amps!

    They're TUBE socks. :boxer
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    Check out my DIY Cigar Box Attenuator!

    Would putting a potentiometer in for the treble cap work? Variable treble boost might be nice...
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    Best of "all" worlds? Which amp.

    Yep I'm going to say it... The Axe-Fx would do for you what you want. Even though you say you've done the digital thing and didn't like it. You could probably find some one local to you and check it out. If you want tubes, you could always play it through a tube power amp, but I don't think...
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    Toro = DSonic+Axe+[5/4]/[7/8]/[3/16]+Optimater

    High Energy? Is that Hi Power or Energy Ball? Nice tone!
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    AXE FX.... good times.. clip inside

    Now that you've had time to mess with it more and gotten used to it (hopefully?) how about recording another track? :)
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    What can I expect using a HotPlate as a dummy load?

    Oh, did I say something stupid?
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    What can I expect using a HotPlate as a dummy load?

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Any guidance on which dummy load is more transparent?
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    What can I expect using a HotPlate as a dummy load?

    For those of you that do this, I'm thinking of giving it a shot. What kind of differences in tone/feel can I expect running my 50w Egnater seminar amp into an 8ohm HotPlate as a dummy load? I plan on putting the Egnater hooked up to the HotPlate in the loop of the Axe-Fx, then reamping through...
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    I just sold my amps...now I gotta buy new amps?

    jackaroo, Didn't you have a Red Iron Amps T-Rex? I know you did a clip or two with it. Was it a loaner? I have one and would consider selling it since I don't use mine at all...
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    Got to Play the Egnater Rebel

    From the reading I've done and what I've heard (which could amount to a whole lot of wrong information), every time you double the wattage, you get about 3 more dB of volume. So given that you have 1w, you should theoretically get 3dB more at 2w, another 3dB at 4w, and so forth and so on until...
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    Got to Play the Egnater Rebel

    I just bought one yesterday from the GC in Glen Burnie (near Baltimore). It sounds very good! Couple things I noticed. The clean volume isn't as loud as I would've hoped, I don't think it's quite as loud as the one side of my Mesa 20/20, but I'll have to see if it's loud enough to keep up...
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    Marshall JCM800 2210 worth keeping?

    I can afford to keep it, so I guess I will hang on to it. I actually do like the way it sounds. I don't bother using the clean channel, so that's a non-issue for me really. When turned up it has good rock tone. It's just that I won't really use it, since I have an Axe-Fx, the Egnater seminar...
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    Marshall JCM800 2210 worth keeping?

    You're a pirate... why should I trust you? :) It's pretty clean. It has been taken care of for the most part, I don't see anything really wrong with it except a couple dings here and there. I also think it's unmodded.
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    Marshall JCM800 2210 worth keeping?

    I'm looking for some opinions on whether you guys think it's worth hanging on to a Marshall JCM800 2210 head. I am pretty sure I'll never be gigging or using the thing, I would just be keeping it as a collector's item. I'm not really into the collector's market, so I'm not sure it's really...
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    Ceriatone Overtone: cleans and with pedals?

    Agreed! It's a great platform to start from. If you're wondering if you will like the kind of tone one of these amps will give you, this is the least expensive way to get into it. And Scott might not be constructive with his comments sometimes, but he's nothing like Jay Mitchell. Scott's...
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