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    Camera Inside w/ Amazing Effect

    Super cool!
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    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp hummin

    Had some wire and time today. And I think we're done. That super long lead from the volume pot around the board over to the preamp tube seems to have done the trick. And as a bonus, after I installed a fuse, it got even a little quieter. Not sure what's up with that, but I'll take it...
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    Eminence RW&B....not a fan

    Really like mine. Good cleans and great with pedals. Have it paired up with a swamp thang powered by a music man rd112. Will probably be replacing the swamp thang with another rwb's soon.
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    Most Distortion-y Big Muff Clone?

    Boss HM-2 is a pretty muffy distortion. That might cross over into distortion-y muff.
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    I can't find a guild m-20 or martin 00-15m anywhere in the Philly area. Help?

    Went by this afternoon and didn't see anything.
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    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp hummin

    lol, the death cap is gone. I snipped that sucker literally seconds after taking the above photos. Fuse holder and 1amp slo-blo are on the way along with a few lengths of wire. Rerouted the transformer wires today. Also slightly rerouted the wire that went from the preamp tube to the...
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    I can't find a guild m-20 or martin 00-15m anywhere in the Philly area. Help?

    I live near DiPinto's. Will let you know if I see anything in there.
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    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp hummin

    I pulled the tubes when I first noticed the buzz. Went quiet when I pulled the preamp tube. Tried a couple other tubes in the preamp slot and still had the problem, so then I pulled the chassis and started chopstickin. Don't have another set of 6v6's right now to test, but I wasn't sure if...
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    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp hummin

    Thank ya, xtian. Volume pot wires and transformer wires are now about as far apart as they can be. Still hummin, so I may give the shielded wire thing a whirl. Wondering if I shouldn't reroute the transformer wires to come in from the rear side of the tag board. Question... Anything...
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    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp hummin

    Just received a 6v6 version Musicmaster Bass Amp. The amp has a very loud 60hz hum. Loud enough that I call it more of a buzz than a hum. The amp has had a recent recap along with a tone stack mod. Pulled the chassis to investigate the hum hoping to see something obvious. All looked clean...
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    New Built to Spill - April

    Good news! :love: Looks like the west siders get some tour dates too.
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    Using a Y cable to split a signal

    If both will be on at the same time, I'd think you could compensate for any degradation by just adjusting the volume on the amp and monitor. If not, a buffer in line should do it.
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    SM 57 screen cap

    Don't know why Shure made them loose, but its better to have a loose one than one that sticks... not loose is one of the warning signs that you have one of the many counterfeits out there. This link may help you with the taking apart... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDVzXAgOFYw
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    Foxx Tone Machine or French Toast ...without octave

    Looper pedal for me too. OD fed by the French Toast as well. The pedal seems to play well with others, either before or after in the chain... as long as the gain isn't up too high. I have one on the workbench of a local pedal builder waiting for a rehouse. Had some interest in the La...
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    Foxx Tone Machine or French Toast ...without octave

    If there was no octave switch on a Foxx Tone Machine, along what lines of fuzz would the circuit be comparable to? Asking as I'm a fan of the little Danelectro French Toast pedal, but I never use the octave switch, and I always keep the gain way down or off. Can't seem to get any other...
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